If you ever had to pay someone to put in a new floor, you know the labor alone is really pricey. And let’s face it, putting in a new floor is a quick way to make a whole room look more cohesive, brand new, and even larger! Tile is a great choice now, there are so many options, and it’s not just for bathrooms anymore. Porcelain tile is being used in new builds throughout the home as an alternative to wood flooring, and is gaining steam fast. There are so many choices too, including tiles that look just like wood! They are durable, easy to repair if a tile gets cracked or scratched, and lets face it… Just plain pretty!  So here it is, quick primers on how to tile floors, along with great actual projects that you can follow to transform your space.


So we are starting with this tutorial from ‘Lowes’ above, because its a beginners guide to laying tile. This is the perfect place to start to get the basics down before you move on to the other projects here. Step by step instructions and photos for you too!

Josh from ‘A Beautiful Mess’ did this guide to laying tile while working on a home for Habitat for Humanity! (Yay!) He has a lot of good tips in there, and walks you through exactly what he did with photos and easy to understand instructions.

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Plank tile flooring, which is really popular right now, can be used anywhere in the house, and can look like stone, wood or other patterns. It also can make a narrow room look larger by leading the eye across the room. ‘DIY Network’ has a tutorial on how to install plank tile flooring, with supply list, tips and step by steps.

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One of the biggest complaints we hear about tile flooring is that it can be a little chilly, especially in the bathroom. Courtenay from ‘The Creek Line House’ shows us how to install heated flooring before our tiles. Oh, and she shares with you what NOT to do as well! Love it when bloggers share their missteps, so we can learn from them!

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At ‘Sarah M Dorsey Designs’ they show us how to install herringbone marble tile. Is this amazing, or what? The pattern offers the room an optical illusion, leading the eye to suggest more space. And it’s just darn pretty! Great project for a smaller space!

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‘Young House Love’ has a tutorial on laying porcelain tile in the laundry room… This is the same tile look we saw over and over again in the home shows this year.

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This Old House‘ polled top contractors for their best tips, and this was one great tip on tiling a bath… The foundation! It’s really important that the proper subfloor is underneath tile, and this infographic gives you a quick view of what to look for.

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Want to know how to lay tile over existing tile? If you don’t want to demo a whole room full of ceramic tile, use this tutorial from ‘Family Handyman’ to get you there!

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Ok, so maybe you just installed your tile floor following one of these tutorials, but one of the tiles ended up cracked. Or, an old tile floor still works for you, but needs some repair… Learn how to replace a floor tile from ‘The Home Depot’…

How to tile floors - 8

Ready to give it a try?

Image Credits: A Beautiful Mess, Lowes, The Creek Line House, Sarah M Dorsey, Young House Love, This Old House, Family Handyman, Home Depot



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  1. Dean December 10, 2015 at 9:11 am

    Just what I was looking for. These suggestions will make my re-tiling job go much more smoothly this weekend. Thanks a ton!


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