There are a lot of things about my house I love, but the ugly little necessities that just happen to be the most obvious things in the room, are not one of them. Thermostats? Cords? If you have ugly indoor eyesores (and we ALL do) you will be happy to hear there are clever ways of making them visually disappear. Try these genius solutions for how to hide indoor eyesores all around your house!

BTW, if the first thing you want to hide is that flat screen TV, we don’t blame you. Check out Hide Your TV : DIY Projects. We also have a great post on how to hide the ugly, outdoor edition!



Hide the Ugly (How to Hide Indoor Eyesores)


From Haley at ‘Me + Mr. Jones’ is this clever cable box cover made from aluminum sheeting and hidden among books! Great idea for a router or Apple TV too!


Build this cabinet to cover a wall air conditioner from ‘Best Friends Pizza Club’. This is a 3 part tutorial, with all the details you need to build this Mid Century inspired cabinet to cover that ugly thing when not in use.



Is your AC unit higher up in the wall? No problem, ‘Vintage Meets Glam’ made this DIY AC unit cover from some 2×4’s and some laser cut wood panels they found at Micheals for 50 cents! Such an elegant way to hide indoor eyesores.


Cover that ugly popcorn ceiling with this innovative product they used at ‘Bella-Tucker’, via ‘Hometalk’. These are faux tin tiles made from Styrofoam that they glued right over the popcorn texture… No scraping!


‘Nesting with Grace’ shows us how to plank a popcorn ceiling. The washed finish on these planks is perfection!


If you have under sink pipes that are visible, you may not want to add a “skirt” to the sink to hide them, or invest in a cabinet. This idea of using plants to camouflage is genius. From ‘Time Out New York‘.


Love this hidden paper towel holder from ‘Addicted 2 Decorating‘. A simple project. Took her only 30 minutes to do!

Hide the Ugly : How to Hide Indoor Eyesores


From ‘Rather Square’, hide those cluttered shelves with their DIY fabric covered foam core covers! Easy, fast and fresh project. This is great for those cluttered entertainment centers that pretty much have to be the focal point of the room.


Hide an ugly water heater (or softener) by creating a cabinet like this one from Sara at ‘Twelve on Main’. Great step by step tutorial here, love the final product! Or try this DIY water heater enclosure video by ‘DIY Network’.


Ugly dog crates laying around the kitchen? ‘Kevin and Amanda’ have plans on how to sew these dog crate covers and cushions for your furry family!


Try this simple trick to hide a thermostat or security system from ‘The Chic Site’!


Last, we have the biggest ogre of the ugly indoor eyesores… cords! Learn how to hide cords with molding from ‘DIY Network’. What cords?

No excuses for ugly in your home! Learn how to hide indoor eyesores with these great tutorials, tips and ideas!

Image Credits: Time Out New York, Me + Mr. Jones, Best Friends Pizza Club, Vintage Meets Glam, Bella Tucker, Nesting with Grace, Addicted 2 Decorating, Rather Square, Twelve on Main, Kevin and Amanda, The Chic Site, DIY Network


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  1. Kelly Mahan August 9, 2017 at 12:02 pm

    Omg, these ideas are simply genious!! I really like the air conditioner one and the thermostat idea. They are the biggest eyesores on my house, I’m definitely going to make these awesome solutions! Thank you!!

  2. Jenny Dominic October 4, 2017 at 6:23 am

    The dog crates are amazing. I will try it for my dog. I remember, I also did something like this. I had tires lying in my garden so I transformed it from a simple looking tires to a ottoman.


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