I can’t wait for fall each year… I love summer, I’ll miss the long days and the relaxing times, but there is something so comforting about fall. It is one of my favorite seasons, and I love to spend a little time decorating for fall, without going overboard. One of the best ways to do that is with a fall wreath… Seen from the street, you can greet visitors with a blast of autumn coziness before they even get inside. A fall wreath kinda just tells the world that happy family times happen here, home is a special place, and that you hold dear the things in life that comfort and nourish us. Ok, if that’s too sappy for you, how about make a DIY fall wreath because they are so awesome, and crafty and fun! So there is plenty to choose from here, pick a style that works for you, make a quick trip to the craft store, and have a gorgeous fall wreath up by dinner!

Fall Wreaths DIY



I’m starting with one of my favorite’s… Lucy at ‘Craftberry Bush’ made this DIY burlap and hydrangea wreath that looks like it was made at a high end florists shop. She has simple instructions, she says she didn’t do a full tutorial because this is that easy! I love hydrangeas, and though they aren’t traditionally thought of as a fall flower, a dried hydrangea just screams “the end of the growing season”… So pretty!



From ‘Uncommon Designs’, this DIY fabric and felt wreath is perfect for those of us looking for a little color… cute and sophisticated at the same time!



This DIY burlap bubble wreath from ‘Craftoholics Anonymous’ is easy and fast…and I just saw one like it at Michaels’ for a pretty penny…



These yarn or twine wrapped letters make a pretty hanging on any door, by ‘Sarah Ortega’. Easy, and can be dressed up for both fall and winter, and even the holidays by adding a little frill in the appropriate color/style.



This monogram fall wreath by Linda at ‘Craftoholics’ can be colorful like her version, or more subtle if that fits your style better. (I personally LOVE the polka dots!) Cute!



‘Little Things Bring Smiles’ brings me a great big smile…’cause I love the simple nature of this DIY acorn wreath… and I really do mean nature! It’s made, after all, with acorns… And a can of this lovely color spray paint… so well chosen was this color, I thought she had found an amazing seed pod with this gorgeous hue! Love it!



Ok, let’s talk about this coffee filter wreath. First, totally creative. Second. Looks amazing! Third… I suggest only hanging this in a protected area… This is one very cool project! By ‘Recaptured Charm’…



From ‘A Night Owl Blog’, this easy fall hydrangea wreath is sure to be popular with all our readers… I think I might make one for indoors with a green version of the floral stems…



Finally, from ‘Simple Country Life’, this burlap and white pumpkin fall wreath is not just for Thanksgiving! You could also spell out your name or address, or a word of significance to your family…


Image Credits: Recaptured Charm, Craftberry Bush, Uncommon Designs, Craftoholics, Sarah Ortega, Craftoholics, Little Things Bring Smiles, Night Owl Blog, Simple Country Life


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