The near perfect window treatment for a small home just might be roman shades… they are a simple look that minimizes clutter at the windows, the fabric softens harsh lines creating a smoother overall look to a room, and they can be customized to either blend in with the walls to expand space, or add a punch of color for personality. Actually, they may be near perfect for any home! The only drawback is that to order them custom made is expensive. However, with some basic sewing skills 9and one with no sewing at all!) you can create your own shades for every room in your home. Did I mention, they also help with energy efficiency? So if you are looking for an alternative to those boring mini-blinds, here are several tutorials on how to make roman shades for you home!

DIY roman shades



This DIY Roman Shade is no sew! BHG has great step by step directions for using your old mini-blinds as a base, and fabric glue to secure the shade. Easy to follow directions, and you can use any fabric to coordinate with the room. Here is a blogger at 365 Days to Simplicity who did this project herself, see how it looks! (So you can see that real humans actually can do this, lol…)

Roman shades


Brown Paper Packages has a roman shade tutorial that is more for the sewing crowd. I also think these would get the longest life and be perfect for windows that get a lot of use. She provides TONS of step by step pics though, so don’t feel like you have to be an accomplished sewer. Also, she spent about $30 on this custom window shade… you would easily spend $150 to have one made. If that tutorial isn’t enough, try this one from Jen Duncan!



Here are a couple of pics to inspire you to use roman shades in your small home!

Roman shade ideas

So try out one of these easy tutorials, and create custom DIY roman shades… they work in any room, and can even be used on sliding glass doors. (Several hung side by side). Love this idea, especially with cooler weather coming, you could use a quilted fabric for more insulation. Definitely not your Grandma’s roman shades!

Image Credits: Design Mom, 365days2simplicity, BHG, Brown Paper Packages



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