A laundry room isn’t just a “laundry room” anymore. It’s a space in our home that not only works hard (and sometimes at more than one task) it deserves to be pretty, and organized, and efficient. After all, if you are going to have to spend time in there anyway… right? So lets spend a little effort making this room (or spot) in our home just a little more pleasant. Who knows… you may end up actually liking folding clothes! Yep I know, fat chance. But at least you will like where you are while you do it! Try these DIY laundry room projects from the best bloggers around! Need some inspiration to get you… well, inspired?



DIY Laundry Room Projects


Check out this DIY laundry room makeover below, from Kelli at ‘Lolly Jane’!


Ashley at ‘Simply Designing’ created this DIY laundry room storage with those box store closet organizers you see everywhere. I LOVE how ingenious she got with the little pipe shelving in the center so she didn’t lose one bit of space. Oh, and it’s incredibly charming! Check out her DIY mason jar soap dispensers while you are there too!


This DIY plywood waterfall countertop from Mandi at ‘Vintage Revivals’ is GORGE! Cannot believe this is made from plywood. She made this countertop for under $90, which is incredible when you consider what butcher block counters installed would have cost. Good tutorial with lots of photos.


This DIY laundry pedestal is perfect if you can’t reach high, or if you have kids helping with laundry. I love the idea of using it as a laundry sorter! From Katie at ‘Addicted 2 DIY’, great tutorial of this space saving project. Plus, it gets dirty clothes off the floor if you have a really small space with no room for hampers!


Have no space other than that wasted spot between machines? Beckie at ‘Infarrantly Creative’ has the solution for that! Her free plans for her DIY slim rolling laundry cart is perfect for taking advantage of awkward spots for storage.


From Courtney at ‘A Diamond in the Stuff’, this DIY crib spring drying rack is pure genius. Especially if you have chosen a farmhouse or a more vintage/ rustic theme… Personally, I’m a little tired of having to hang my ‘air dry’ clothes in my bathroom.


Daune at ‘Cottage in the Oaks’ took it to a new level with these really styling’ DIY laundry room soap dispensers. You could find a lot of the supplies for this kind of project at a thrift store, or yard sales. Makes having to wash teenager’s dirty sports uniforms a little more fun!


This laundry room pegboard tutorial from ‘Sincerely, Sara D’ could be customized to fit your space. This keeps everything off the floor, out of corners and in it’s place! Be sure to click on the link at her site to go over to the tutorial at ‘Remodelaholic’.


From Cenzie at ‘Building Our Story’, this DIY wall mounted lint holder is a cute and easy project made with some paint, some vinyl letters, and a magazine holder. What about making one of these for the inevitable hair clips, bobby pins and spare change that end up in the bottom of the dryer?


This simple DIY laundry basket dresser is the perfect solution to making sure you aren’t the only one in the family contributing to the laundry chores. A whole lot better than piles of laundry laying around! Great tutorial from ‘Practically Functional’.


Lastly, from Monica and Jess over at ‘East Coast Creative’ via ‘Home Depot Blog’, this DIY laundry room makeover is packed full of heartwarming touches and efficient projects, including that crate wall. Go check out all their ideas! My fav? The polka dot dryer made with electrical tape!

Image Credits: Vintage Revivals, Lolly Jane, Simply Designing, Addicted 2 DIY, Infarrantly Creative, A Diamond in the Stuff, Cottage in the Oaks, Sincerely, Sara D, Building Our Story, Practically Functional, East Coast Creative / Home Depot


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  1. Esther March 3, 2017 at 11:57 am

    All of these are great ideas. Expecially LOVE the washer/dryer pedestal; what a great idea for a teeny-tiny laundry room (mine)! Thanks; I’ve pinned for future reference.

    1. Kathy Woodard March 7, 2017 at 5:04 pm

      Thx Esther!


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