If you are looking for a DIY project to create a home accessory that is just a little bit different, this is for you. We have DIY decorative mobile projects for you, and they aren’t for the kids! Create a focal point for a party, or just a really cool accent for your decor. These tutorials will take you through the projects step by step, and don’t forget to use colors and materials that co-ordinate with your rooms scheme and feel.

DIY Decorative mobile



The above mobile is made of wooden blocks by Curbly.

The Sweetest Occasion has shared this wonderful pinwheel mobile made from decorative paper… great pictures and step by steps.

Pinwheel mobile


House Tweaking has two great mobiles for us… both colorful and creative! I love this first one….fabric circles and an embroidery hoop. Learn how to make this mobile.

Fabric circle mobile


Her next one is made from paint sticks! Here’s how.

Decorative mobile


The b-line made this colorful paper mobile, that would be great for a kids room as is, or check out the other papers she used below to see how using different materials could create a whole new look for any room! Here’s how she did it.

Paper mobile



Picture Party made these old branches and maps into something cool enough for over the dining table! Read the instructions here.

Map mobile


Our last pick is from Project Wedding, but is perfect for any event… colorful vellum paper makes this an inexpensive project as well. Follow the tutorial here.

Paper mobile


Image Credits: Sweetest Occasion, Curbly, House Tweaking, The b-line, Project Wedding


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