Color trends in home decorating change from year to year, and sometimes it seems daunting to keep up! The colors being used in the fashion industry also influence home design, and the most respected opinion is that of color authority Pantone. If you missed our post on the 2014 color of the year, Radiant Orchid, check it out now and find out how to use the hottest hue in the newest way! But if you are looking for guidance on how to update your home with current color choices, we are featuring Pantone’s 2014 color trend choices for the year, and sharing the best way to incorporate them into a small space.




Our featured photo, above, is our favorite choice for new colors this year, Dazzling Blue. This cobalt blue shade is taken right from the runway, and is a fantastic look for everything from furniture to accents. Remember to pair it with neutrals to ground it, and to use it deliberately in a small space. Less is more. (Unless for you, more is more!)

Let’s start with their choices for more traditionally neutral tones… Sand and Paloma.

Sand is a warm and airy beige or tan, and prefect for a neutral pallette, or as a background for some bolder color accents. Paloma is a warm grey, and anyone who has spent any time in the design industry the past couple of years (or on Pinterest!) knows that warm greys are some of the hottest wall colors around. Both can be used to soften the colors in a room, on both the walls and ceilings to extend the look of space, or as trim colors to give you space some depth. Pair with lots of texture, and a pop of black to keep it from looking boring. And if you love color, add accents in whatever hue you prefer. By the way, the old rules are gone. Grey and beige look amazingly modern together and are a hot new color pairing in design showrooms.




Next we have the color forecast for cooler colors, Placid Blue, Hemlock, and Violet. Cool colors can cause a room to feel larger as they seem to push the walls outward, especially if you use lighter shades. Pale blues are also a major color trend choice among paint manufacturers as well. Use cool colors in any room you wish to feel calming and relaxing. Pair with white to create an airy feel, golds and neutrals for a mod or glamour look, or with black for an elegant feel.





Want some energy in your room? Use Pantone’s choices for 2014 for warm colors. I suggest using warmer and bolder colors in restraint in a small home. Use them in accents against a white or neutral background. Make sure you use your choice in at least three places, spread throughout the room.  Warm colors can make a room seem smaller used in larger amounts, but that might be fine for a cozy den or a powder room.  Here we have Cayenne Red, Celosia Orange and Freesia Yellow. While two years ago orange was the new black in home design, many designers are forecasting yellow to be the sunny hue of choice of 2014.




Whichever color trend for 2014 is your style, remember, it’s just that…your style. It doesn’t matter how many designers say it is so, in the end, choose a color scheme for your home because it speaks to who you are and how you want to feel, not because anyone else says it’s “in”. Use these guidelines and inspiration, and remember, sometimes it’s good to try something outside of your color comfort zone!

Image Credits: Pantone


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