Welcome to our 4th week of DYSS’s 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY! – Creative Christmas Lights!

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Week 5 we will have DIY Christmas mantels, and for week 6, holiday handmade gift projects! Keep watching!

We wanted to show you some creative Christmas lights to use in your home that are a bit different from the usual every day ideas. We searched the web and found you some great ideas that anyone can do… What lights up the holiday season more than…well, lights!



So here they are, Creative Christmas Lights!

Photo below from ‘A Merry Mishap‘.



From Liz at ‘Say Yes’, these DIY ping pong ball lights are one of our fav holiday DIY projects yet this season! Love the colored ones, the glow the balls give is so magical…



Need another take on how to get these done? Try the instructions for ping pong ball lights on ‘Instructables’…



From ‘Domino’ magazine, this lighted Christmas tree is made by stretching holiday lights between hooks, or even push pins. Create your plan on paper first, then place pins at each right angle.

Creative Christmas Lights!


Make twinkling vases from ‘Martha’… easy to follow tutorial.

Creative Christmas Lights!


From Christine at ‘The DIY Dreamer’, these wooden Christmas trees with lights make the most amazing projects, and they would last forever… use led lights and you wouldn’t even have to replace the light strings for a long time… My kind of project!



This idea of using tree branches wrapped with lights could transform a ho-hum Christmas scheme. Great idea from ‘Old City Hall Shops‘.



This Christmas ball luminary from ‘Mango Juiced’ will brighten up any holiday table or mantel. Pretty and inexpensive idea.



From the ‘Free People’ blog, this DIY alternative Christmas tree would be perfect for that minimalist, or just an added addition to any coastal or nature themed holiday. Love!

Creative Christmas Lights!


Last we have a merry and bright mantel light project from Heather at ‘Decor Fix’. These are just canvases she painted with the happy words, then she added white lights to the back of the canvas. Pretty and simple!


Remember to check back for weeks 5 and 6… Happy Christmas Crafting!


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Image Credits: Old City Hall Shops, A Merry Mishap, Say Yes, Instructables, Domino, Martha Stewart, The DIY Dreamer, Mango Juiced, Free People, Decor Fix



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