Welcome to our second week of DYSS’s 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY. DIY Christmas Stockings!

Well if you joined us for last weeks’ “week 1” of our 6 weeks of holiday diy, you already have your stocking hangers done! Ok, maybe at least you have them planned… If you missed it, you can check out  Week 1 – DIY Stocking Hangers. Just a FYI for those of you just joining us… our 6 week holiday diy projects will all link together, so if you miss some, you can jump in anywhere, and find the projects you need to complete your holiday happy!

Here in week 2, we have DIY Christmas stockings for you, to have something handmade and unique to hang on those amazing hangers. (Remember, from last week? ;))

So here we go! Our first projects, below, are DIY elf Christmas stockings from ‘Cakies’. The tutorial is really easy to follow, and even gives you a template for the stockings. Elf stockings were one of our most popular posts last year, so we know you will love these!

DIY Stockings!



DIY Stockings!


From ‘DIY Home Sweet Home’, these are another take on DIY elf stockings. She has really detailed instructions, and by that I mean she just made sure it’s clear!



These DIY Christmas stockings from ‘Handmade and Homegrown’ are a good project for beginners, and they are a more natural look for those of you who aren’t into the elf thing. These would look great in a traditional, to more contemporary holiday style.



‘Teal and Lime’ has a how-to on making these Helvetica stockings… LOVE the simplicity, but the bright colors of the names on the grey background still makes it merry!



Ok, back to the elfish in us all! This fun DIY stocking from ‘Linda Lum DeBono’ feels very Grinchish to me! Great tutorial, scroll halfway down the page to find it…



I know, I know… more elf stockings! I promise these are the last ones, but can you think of any other design that will delight the little ones as much?  These DIY elf stockings are from ‘Sew 4 Home’. Their original tutorial has more detail, here.



Amy at ‘Positively Splendid’ has a tutorial for these classic cuffed stockings… Lots of step by step directions and photos, you can do this!



From Diane at ‘In My Own Style’, these merry and bright Christmas stockings come with a downloadable template… I adore the detail in these, contrasted with the white fabric… Cozy and sweet, with lots of holiday cheer!



Last, we have this DIY retro stocking from ‘DIY Network’. Love this look!


Well that’s it for this week! Week 3 of our 6 weeks of holiday diy is going to be DIY ornaments! So be sure to check back so you are ready to pop that tree up when the time comes! Did you miss Week 1? Get DIY stocking hanger projects!


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Image Credits: Cakies, DIY Home Sweet Home, Handmade and Homegrown, Teal and Lime, Linda Lum DeBono, Sew 4 Home, Positively Splendid, In My Own Style, DIY Network




  1. Kathi Nelson December 4, 2014 at 7:04 pm

    Cutest stockings I have EVER seen!!!!

  2. Jamie November 20, 2017 at 7:05 am

    Thank you so much for sharing my Elf Stockings!!! I came across this link on pinterest and couldn’t be more excited to see my project in your round up!!


    1. Kathy Woodard November 27, 2017 at 8:01 pm

      They are so cute Jamie! Thank you for sharing!


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