Welcome to our first week of DYSS’s 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY! DIY Stocking Hangers!

Each week, through to the second week in December we will be bringing you handpicked DIY projects to get you right to where you need to be with your holiday decor… And each week will link up to the others, so if you miss one, it’s ok… just jump in anywhere and pick and choose the projects that work for you.

So to start you off, one of the things I hate “making do” with is stocking hangers. Little cup hooks and 3M command hooks are great for hanging things when you can’t see them, but whatever hangs the DIY stockings (next week, btw!) is on full display. So try these DIY stocking hanger projects, so that when the time comes to hang those beauties, you are all prepared!





Before we get started though, I wanted to share a fun smart phone app I just found… It’s a Christmas Countdown, and you can personalize it as well… Check it out here at the iTunes store… Anything to make a little holiday magic, and help us get into the spirit!

Our first project from ‘Scissors and Spatulas’ is the perfect example of stocking hangers you cannot get in a store… I love these! Old worldly feeling, and the vintage door knobs just makes you think of little children all tucked in their beds! Now, she uses a vinyl cutter to create the letters, but you could just put together vinyl letters from the craft store… Or better yet, use a paint pen and do it by hand.



Becky at ‘Beyond the Picket Fence’ blog has a tutorial for this easy DIY stocking holder made from scrap wood.  I love this option because a lot of smaller homes don’t have a mantel, and this project doesn’t need one!



Another no mantle stocking solution from ‘Listfully Blissful’, this is another easy project for those of us without a mantel to hang stockings from!



This is a gorgeous diy stocking hangers project. ‘Home Depot’ has a tutorial for this DIY rustic stocking holder. This is a dual purpose project… it not only holds the stockings, it gives you a container to style holiday fun as well!



The last one we have for you is from ‘Southern Lovely’, and I love this stocking holder! It’s so personal, and I think I would use a baby or toddler pic for each child and leave it, so as they grow, I’ll be reminded of when Christmas was so magical for them! And for when they are teens, to remind me not to strangle them. They were cute once. And will be again, I swear!  ;) Or, you can switch out the photos each year…

DIY Stocking Hangers

So that wraps up week one of our 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY, DIY Stocking Hangers! Coming next week, DIY Christmas Stockings!

Know any great Christmas apps, websites, or planning sites to help us all get, and keep our holiday act together? Share in comments! Please only share quality info folks, any spam will be moderated out… Thanks for sharing with all our readers!


6 Weeks of Holiday DIY    next week >>>


Image Credits: Scissors and Spatulas, Beyond the Picket Fence, Listfully Blissful, Home Depot, Southern Lovely



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