If you like to DIY, then you know there are certain household chores and problems that never seem to go away. Every once in awhile though, we come across these little nuggets of genius that make us wish we had thought of it first! These home hacks for the DIY’er take ordinary household items and use them in a new way to make life easier and more efficient, especially when your home is smaller. And let’s face it. There is just this little bit of self satisfaction when you overcome just one of those nagging little daily annoyances, right? Like you have DIY superpowers or something. Don’t ask me to explain it, you know its true. :)



14 Clever Home Hacks for the DIY'er


We’ve got several from ‘Real Simple’ magazine (which we love!) including this drawer organizing idea. Use small cardboard boxes as drawer dividers… you can even cut them down to size since they don’t need to have all their sides to work. (The sides of the drawer or other boxes form those sides.) Photo by Levi Brown.

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Use a wine rack as storage… (this one is from ikea) Mount it on the wall or keep it on a shelf, this is a great idea for the garage, craft room… even rolled towels in the bath! Photo by Johnny Valiant.

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Painting a room? Use a baby food jar to store a small amount of paint for quick touch ups, so you don’t have to break open (and mix) that big can every time you get a ding on the wall. Photo by James Wojick.

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Another painting hack form ‘Family Handyman‘. Use Glad “Press and Seal” wrap in stead of taping off. It comes out of the box just like Cling Wrap, but is slightly sticky on one side. Great to use in the kitchen too, but this is clever!

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Our next home hack below, is from ‘Good Housekeeping‘. Use a Post-It note to clean between the keys of your keyboard. You don’t even have to waste one, just get in the habit of every time you go to throw one out, clean that keyboard!

Home Hacks for the DIY'er


From ‘Darkroom and Dearly‘, here’s one of those “Duh” moments… Try folding your laundry and placing it in drawers horizontally. Not only can you fit tons more into a drawer, you can actually see what is there at a glance and it stays neat!

DIY home hacks-5


I don’t know how many new charge cords we have had to buy because they get mangled from bending. This brilliant fix ought to save you the $15-$20 buying a new charging cable! Use the spring from a ball point pen to protect the cord up near the charger. Voila! From ‘Snapguide‘.

Home Hacks for the DIY'er


From ‘Organized 31‘, store your boots with a plastic bottle inside  to keep them from getting that droopy crease in them!

DIY home hacks-7


From ‘Redbook‘, bend metal hangers to store flip flops and sandals in the closet without taking up a lot of room.

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Use a cheap wine rack to store all those hair products in the bathroom that are too tall for drawers, and just fall over and make clutter under the sink.

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From ‘Popsugar‘, use those old bread tie tabs to label cords in your power strip behind the computer or TV. Never again will you wonder “will I screw up Tivo’ing “Grey’s Anatomy” if I unplug this”?

DIY home hacks-11


From ‘Happy Creative Place‘, use cheap shower curtain rings from the dollar store to organize belts, scarves or even purses.

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From ‘Driven by Decor‘, use a “Swiffer” mop to clean dust from walls, either after painting and sanding, or just because they need it! If you move into a new construction home, or have any remodeling done,  trust me, they need it!

DIY home hacks-13


Last we have another great “Swiffer” trick for you from ‘First for Women‘. Use orphaned socks as dusters on either the mop or the hand held version of these dusters. When they get icky, just wash them. No more dust cloths to buy!

DIY home hacks-15

Image Credits: Good Housekeeping, Real Simple, Family Handyman, Darkroom and Dearly, Snapguide, Organized 31, Redbook, Redbook, Popsugar, Happy Creative Place, Driven by Decor, First


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  1. Glenys Hardy January 16, 2017 at 9:08 pm

    I began using the Horizontal method for putting away things in our draws and it is lovely to go to the draw and see exactly what you want and in what colour.
    I’m not sure where I got that from but I did think it came from a book my Daughter lent me by a lady named Marie Kondo, who has sold 3 million copies and has a business in Tokyo.
    The photo above certainly shows how good it looks. Thanks for sharing and well done.
    Glenys in Australia.

  2. Susan June 15, 2017 at 5:15 am

    Great hacks. Love the Swiffer sock one. Thanks for sharing my bottle boot shaper hack.

    1. Kathy Woodard June 26, 2017 at 12:02 pm

      Thx for such a great idea Susan!


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