We have a little love affair going on with beadboard. It’s been a pretty traditional design element in the past, but now it’s trendy to use in almost any style home. A tough surface that can cover flaws, add charm and give some architectural zing to any room on a pretty tight budget, this is a DIY’ers dream. Originally it was put up board by board in a tongue and groove fashion on walls, but now you can get it in 4×8 foot sheets, making quick work of installation. Did we mention, it’s for more than just walls? Whether you want a wainscoting in the dining room, or an amazing kitchen backsplash, some farmhouse modern or some classical  elegance, this is the stuff. Check out these DIY beadboard projects from some of our favorite bloggers!

Brit at ‘House Updated’ shows us how to install beadboard on the walls and ceiling. This is a full tutorial for those of you who want to make an awkward space seem like a cool little nook, like an attic or basement. Love the way it turned out!

DIY beadboard projects-2


Got boring doors? Brittany at ‘Pretty Handy Girl’ has you covered… or rather, has your doors covered! Find out how to add beadboard molding panels to a flat door to make them look custom and vintage. This tutorial has lots of step by step photos and instruction.

DIY beadboard projects-3


From ‘Ella Claire’, try this $30 beadboard kitchen backsplash tutorial if you want your kitchen to have way cool charm on a penny pinchers budget. Ok, what is it about beadboard that makes rooms look bigger? We’re guessing the geometrical lines, like stripes.

DIY beadboard projects-4


Our next project is from ‘HGTV’. Learn how to cover dated bathroom tile with beadboard! Love this tutorial, because they have all the steps written out for you, but backed up their know how with a video, so you can’t get this wrong. Great use of an inexpensive material to remodel a small space, and white beadboard always makes a space look fresh, clean, and larger.

DIY Beadboard Projects


This beadboard ceiling makeover by ‘House of Smiths’ makes this bathroom ooze with vintage awesomeness. It looks like a Victorian farmhouse! And I love her money saving tip for what to do when you need “just a little bit more” but don’t want to buy another sheet of beadboard, or have seams.

DIY beadboard projects-5


These beadboard stairs from ‘Prudent Projects’ are an amazing before and after story. Go check it out for yourself. You will never again think any project is “too far gone”. Wow!

DIY beadboard projects-6


‘Bargain Hoot’ used beadboard to dress up an existing kitchen island. This  has a short tutorial, but they had a handyman do this. Does your handyman (or woman!) have a favorite sweet treat, that might be assembled on just such an island? Seems like a fair trade, don’t ya think?

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Want to put beadboard on the ceiling? It does come with it’s own set of challenges, the biggest one being gravity. ‘Our Creative Life’ has the technique down! Check out how!

DIY beadboard projects-8


Don’t want to do construction? That’s ok… Kim from ‘Sand & Sisal’ (love her!) brings us Brandi from ‘Brandi Sawyer’ (love her too!) and her budget cabinet door makeover with beadboard… wait for it….wallpaper!  Oh, my, this kitchen! We have featured Brandi’s kitchen before, (her mason jar chandelier is the best) but this really makes this kitchen look pulled together. Find out how to do the exact same thing!

DIY beadboard projects-9


More wallpaper? Ok then, Tamara from ‘Provident Home Design’ shares her DIY beadboard headboard project! You can get the full plans to build the headboard from Tamara, or you can just use her technique for using the wallpaper to create a beadboard look!

DIY beadboard proejcts-10


Last one is another beadboard headboard from ‘Our Nest of 3″. Photo tutorial, but if you read into the comments, they give a cut list as well.

DIY beadboard projects

Ok, get to it DIY’ers! We want to see all kinds of beadboard charm!

Image Credits: House Updated , Pretty Handy Girl, Ella Claire, House of Smiths, Prudent Projects, Our Creative Life, Sand & Sisal, Provident Home Design, Our Nest of 3


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