Tiny Bath Makeovers


Got a tiny bath? Chances are, it’s ready for a makeover. Don’t think there is much you can do to a small bathroom that will make it work for you? Ah, wrong again, my friends. These bloggers have taken their tiny baths and made them A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Follow along with their bathroom before and afters, and then plan a tiny bath makeover! You can do this!

‘Decor and the Dog’ showcases a master bath makeover that takes an older bathroom with awkward angles, and turns it into something really cool. She tells you where they found the materials as well, read to the end, lots of photos! Love this!



‘Four Generations, One Roof’ has a master bath before and after that I particularly love, because it is all cosmetic. No major upgrades here, paint, fabric and a cheery design aesthetic! Jessica, I really love your use of color, and yet it’s so fresh and bright! Read through her post, she spells out all that she did, this would be easy to replicate!

tiny bath makeovers


Roeshel at ‘DIY Showoff’ has every reason to “show off”… (yea, I know, I’m sure no one ever made that comment about her blog name before…:)) This bathroom before and after is crazy! Yep, a little more investment with this one, but I know you DIY’ers can take this on. Remember, you don’t have to do it all at once, you can break it up into smaller parts if necessary to fit your budget. That having been said, there is nothing like just hammering out a makeover and having a dramatic reveal. Love this bathroom, and I have dark cabinets too, so I am going to steal ideas from this project.



Beth at ‘Home Stories A to Z‘ made over her half bath, and has tons of pics to prove what you can do with a small bathroom space!



‘Old House New Tricks’ made over this bathroom, and many of these are DIY projects, including the wood countertop! OMG! Wanna hear a shocker? This is a basement bathroom!

tiny bath makeovers


‘Being Home’ makes the most of a small bath makeover, with this before and after. Great ideas, even on a budget!

tiny bath makeovers

That should be enough to have you running to each and every bathroom in your home, trying to see where you can make changes… These talented bloggers got it done, you can do it for your home too. Just commit, and believe in the power of creativity!

Image Credits: Old House New Tricks, Decor and the Dog, Four Generations, One Roof, DIY Showoff, Home Stories A to Z, Being Home


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  1. Thank you so much for adding my bathroom makeover to such a wonderful list! I very much like what the other bloggers have done. :)

    • Kathy Woodard says:

      You did an amazing job Julie! Thx for sharing it!

      • Kathy I’m very interested in the process of staining my cabinets like in the last pic on here can u help me with materials needed??

        • Kathy Woodard says:

          Hi Randi! That last photo was done by Julie at ‘Being Home’, and there is a link right above the photo to her project… she didn’t stain it, she painted it black. If you were wanting to stain your cabinet, I would suggest showing your local paint center or department a photo, and tell them you want to get a similar look. They will help you with all the materials!

        • Hi – if you would like a black stain, use Minwax Ebony. If you would like a really dark stain use either Minwax in Dark Walnut or in Jacobean. Often the Jacobean label looks like a light stain but it isn’t. I have used both the dark walnut and jacobean alot -flooring, furniture, and countertops -then I cover in a couple of coats of Varathan to prevent chipping -satin or gloss depending on what I want.

          • sorry – I forgot to say if you want a really dark “brown” stain (like a dark chocolate or cocao -then use dark walnut or jacobean – good luck!

    • Angela Greer says:

      Your work is exceptional. What can you do for a very small (5’1/2″ x 5’1/2″) bathroom. I don’t know where to start. Any ideas?

      • Angela Rich says:

        I have a very small bathroom that’s the same size as the one you mentioned. I’m wondering if you found a way to do it? I’ve been searching for truly tiny bathroom ideas and have not found any. No idea where to start.

    • teresa terando says:

      What color paint did you use on the walls Julie @ Being Home

  2. SO many great ideas and inspiration. Thank you so much for including our bathroom makeover!

    • Kathy Woodard says:

      Thank you Roeshel! You always have such great ideas!

      • Hi Kathy – can you please encourage readers to pin from the original source? I noticed that you’ve pinned my image/my work so that it links back to your site. I appreciate the feature but prefer to not be included in future features. Thanks!

  3. Susie Nelson says:

    what color/type of paint did you or recommend to use for dark paint in the bathroom?

  4. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. What color/brand paint did you use in the bathroom with black countertop? It’s blueish. Thank you!!!! Love your photos!

  6. Edwina Conner says:

    I love the wall color in the photo above. Can you tell me what brand and color it is?

  7. This is amazing! I LOVE the remodels! I am a huge DIY person when it comes to decorating!

    Getting ready to redo our bathroom as well

  8. wonderful remodels!!!

  9. I just painted my bathroom cabinet black like the last photo. Never thought of that bright paint color on the walls. I guess I will be rethinking my plan to paint then plain brown cause I love the look of that new bathroom.

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