12 Projects for Fabulous DIY Drapes & Curtains

Curtains are back. I know, where did they go? Well it seems for awhile there, the design world felt that simple roll up blinds were quite enough. And they had a point, keeping your windows as clear as possible does help make a room look larger and brighter. But so what, if it's also boring! So whether you use simple side panels to add some oomph to your blinds, or make curtains and drapes your … [Read more...]

DIY Roman Shades • Easy!

The near perfect window treatment for a small home just might be roman shades... they are a simple look that minimizes clutter at the windows, the fabric softens harsh lines creating a smoother overall look to a room, and they can be customized to either blend in with the walls to expand space, or add a punch of color for personality. Actually, they may be near perfect for any home! The only … [Read more...]

Small Space Window Treatment Tips

Decorating a small room is hard enough, but choosing window treatments for small rooms can be maddening. Here are some great small room decorating tips to help you choose just the right window treatments the first time. Remember the windows are an extension of the walls, and cover a large decorating area. Keeping that in mind, when decorating a small space the first thing you must know is … [Read more...]