DIY Murals

I have a thing for photo art... it was what I went to college for and a long unused and missed talent. So when I ran across these DIY photo mural projects, I was really intrigued. What a cool way to make an instant statement in a room, and instead of just buying some nice pic that you like, you can totally make it your own. And make it huge! If you have a boring room that needs some oomph, these … [Read more...]

3D Wall Art Projects

No one likes boring wall art. So DIY yourself some dimension! Welcome to our roundup of DIY 3D wall art projects! These are great for living room, bedroom or kids rooms. So try some unique materials, play with colors, and make some wall art that does just a little bit more! Our featured project, above, is a DIY nail and yarn wall art by Jen loves Kev. It is really reminiscent of those string art … [Read more...]

9 Decor Solutions for Naked Walls

Walls a bit... well, naked? Want something different on your walls than the same old stuff? You aren't alone. I love creativity in decorating, and one of the easiest ways to have unique decor is to hang it on your walls. So here are nine decor solutions for bare walls that anyone can do, and everyone should! For our feature project, above, View Along the Way had this great idea of using canvas … [Read more...]

More DIY Mirror Projects

Yep, the mirror is a big deal in a small home. But I don't know about you, I get tired of the same ol' thing... So since our first post on DIY mirror projects was such a hit, we've taken another shot at it. Our featured project, above, is by Thats My Letter, and this letter is "m", for DIY "mirror"! Find out how to create a wood slice mirror  from an inexpensive Ikea find. Mimi from Blue Roof … [Read more...]

Create a DIY Photo Gallery with Style

How to hang and display your photos is one of the most common decorating dilemmas that people have, and it can make or break a room. I'm a big fan of having personal photos displayed in a cool way, but even if your choice is hanging photo art, the guidelines and ideas for hanging remain the same. Create a DIY photo gallery in any room of your home using these great ideas from bloggers around the … [Read more...]

DIY Wall Art for Small Homes

Nothing works better than a DIY project when you’re personalizing your small home, and what better way to dress up a room than with some DIY wall art? From projects you can do with the kids to sophisticated designs that are best left to the adults, we’ve got plenty ideas to get you started. Pallet Prints Wooden pallets are all the rage when it comes to DIY projects and they can be used for … [Read more...]