Bring on the Stripes!

You see stripes everywhere nowadays, in homes, in fashion, even in blog design! Classic stripes, retro stripes, chevron stripes... What I love about decorating with stripes, is that while they add pattern and create movement, they also add structure and stability to a room. Stripes are one of those enigmas... they can simultaneously energize, and calm. So it's time to share a primer on decorating … [Read more...]

How to Paint Chevron Stripes

Everybody's seen them and we all love them... the modern and fresh chevron stripe! From walls, to home accents, to fashion, chevron strips are here and are not going anywhere. They are graphic and go well with most prints and patterns.... and despite the fact that they look complicated, we have some step by step instructions on how to paint chevron stripes, whether on the wall, or on a home … [Read more...]