DIY Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a perfect solution for small homes. They fit into tiny nooks, they take up less visual space by not using heavy brackets, and they can even do double duty as nightstands or entry tables. They also can update an old room scheme with their more contemporary and clean look. Try them in the nook over the toilet, turn a closet into a home office with floating shelf storage, or use … [Read more...]

Urban Rustic Design Style: How to Get It Right!

One of the hottest design trends today comes by a variety of names, but whether you call it Urban Rustic, Industrial Chic, or Vintage Modern, what it amounts to is a style that embraces both the old and the new, the hard and the soft. Equally at home in a high rise townhouse, a modern loft, or an historic home, Urban Rustic is edgy, trendy, and yet grounded in the past. If you love West Elm or … [Read more...]