Easy DIY Remodel Projects

When you think "remodel", no doubt you think months of dust and headache, and lot's of big contractor fees... Did you know that there are some remodel projects that you may be able to DIY? Thanks to some amazing bloggers, we found some step by step tutorials for easy DIY remodel projects that you can do to make your home something special! So let's get to it! Our feature project, above, is an … [Read more...]

7 Awesome Attic Transformations

When you have a small home, you look for every crack and crevice to create more space. Attics have long since been an extra space that families have squeezed everything from storage spaces to MIL apartments. So we wanted to inspire you to think about all your awkward spaces in new ways, and if you do have an attic... Hallelujah! Why? Because as these amazing photos and stories will suggest, you … [Read more...]