Dreamy DIY Projects with Photos

We love projects using photos here at DYSS, for a bunch of reasons... First... Ok, who doesn't love to see photos of their loved ones, or a special time, or a cherished memory every day? We also happen to be fond of the art of photography itself... Oh, and did I mention, I went to college for a degree in Photography? Not that you need us to tell you that DIY projects with photos are worth your … [Read more...]

Create a DIY Photo Gallery with Style

How to hang and display your photos is one of the most common decorating dilemmas that people have, and it can make or break a room. I'm a big fan of having personal photos displayed in a cool way, but even if your choice is hanging photo art, the guidelines and ideas for hanging remain the same. Create a DIY photo gallery in any room of your home using these great ideas from bloggers around the … [Read more...]