6 Shades of Gray! – Trendy Favorites

So if you have been around the home and garden blogs at all the past year or so, you have fast discovered that gray is the new beige... I say that carefully, because I actually was never a fan of "beige"... It was, for me, a boring color that gave no feeling to a room. So of course, I am thrilled that gray has become the new "it" color for neutral backdrops to almost any room. It has a sense of … [Read more...]

How to Paint Chevron Stripes

Everybody's seen them and we all love them... the modern and fresh chevron stripe! From walls, to home accents, to fashion, chevron strips are here and are not going anywhere. They are graphic and go well with most prints and patterns.... and despite the fact that they look complicated, we have some step by step instructions on how to paint chevron stripes, whether on the wall, or on a home … [Read more...]