Hide the Ugly! (How to Hide Outdoor Eyesores)

We all have those ugly eyesores in our yard. Trash cans, utility meters, AC units... you know, those "things" that your home can't run without, but you wonder why no one has figured out a way to make them look better? In a small home, these things can look even worse because they demand more attention. Your home might be smaller than others, but those eyesores aren't! Lucky for you, some creative … [Read more...]

Small Storage Sheds • Ideas & Projects!

If you have a small home, chances are you have a small yard... and have extra stuff to store! Finding a small storage shed that doesn't look like it ate your little slice of paradise is a chore. But there are solutions that fit in a small yard, and some of these storage shed ideas have DIY tutorials as a bonus... you know, for when all those other DIY projects are done? Yes, I hear you laughing. … [Read more...]