DIY Dresser Makeovers with Impact

We all know that a little sanding and a good paint job can transform those thrift store and yard sale dressers, and make them respectable. But we wanted to find you some projects that take it a little farther, from "fine" to "wow!". And they are out there... we know, because we went searching for some DIY dresser makeovers with impact... those projects that are just a little bit different, or done … [Read more...]

Small Living Room Makeovers

So there are certain times of year I tend to get into nesting mode, and I know a lot of you feel the same way. It's almost like we know that change is coming in the seasons, which means change indoors as better make it nice, right? These small living room makeovers by some very talented bloggers show us that small spaces just give us the opportunity to focus on creativity. In other … [Read more...]

Tiny Bath Makeovers

Got a tiny bath? Chances are, it's ready for a makeover. Don't think there is much you can do to a small bathroom that will make it work for you? Ah, wrong again, my friends. These bloggers have taken their tiny baths and made them A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Follow along with their bathroom before and afters, and then plan a tiny bath makeover! You can do this! 'Decor and the Dog' showcases a master bath … [Read more...]

Small Bedroom Makeovers

We all love a good makeover... it's why home and garden television exists, after all. Who doesn't love to compare a drudgy old space with a  bright shiny new one? Well, we're no exception! When dealing with a small bedroom, a before and after makeover can seem all the more dramatic because it's your personal space...not a public one. It's a refection of you and your personality, (or it should be!) … [Read more...]

Small Room Makeover: Pops of Color!

When decorating a small room, most of us tend to stay with neutrals and light colors to expand the space visually. It's a good concept, and it works, except at times it can seem a little stagnant...and yes, I'm gonna say it... B O R I N G. Adding pops of color to your home decorating can add updated style and wow to any room, without closing it in. In fact, if you aren't adding either color or … [Read more...]

Give Your Bedroom a Romantic Makeover

There is no better place to bring romance into your home decorating than in the bedroom. This is the room where we relax, recharge, and have private time away from the bustle of everyday life. Here are some great ways to punch up the sizzle in your bedroom (ok, I am just talking decorating here, folks…) without leaving your bank account fried! Photo above courtesy of Pottery Barn.  Use color to … [Read more...]