DIY Painted Countertops

When replacing your countertops is out of the budget, sometimes the only recourse is to get creative. Once upon a time, some DIY'er figured out that with the proper prep and sealing, anything can be painted. And that means anything. Ok, well almost, but it sure means countertops! These DIY painted countertops are a low cost way to make a kitchen (or bath!) look new again, either until you can … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Organize Your Pantry!

Nothing makes me want to cook healthy meals more than having a neat, organized kitchen. With a small kitchen like mine, this is a constant challenge.  If you haven't yet seen our post on 7 steps to organizing a fridge, you can start there if you like. But whether you have a walk in pantry, or have to make small cupboards work, we found some great ideas for you on how to organize your pantry so … [Read more...]

7 Steps to an Organized Fridge

Ok, so there is something you should know about me and organizing. I love to be organized. Unfortunately, I'm bad at it. Ask Steve. He will be happy to tell you all day long, no doubt. I'm that bad. Luckily, there are some amazing bloggers who are good at it, so those of us who were not born with the organizing gene and are still in training can try to get it together. I actually think getting … [Read more...]

DIY Countertop Projects

Want a quick way to update a kitchen or a bathroom? Update those old countertops! Nothing dates a room faster than old tile or laminate, and with these DIY countertop projects, you don't have to settle any more! These tutorials will have you bringing out the best in your hardest working rooms in the house. From the days when I first started 'The Budget Decorator', I have been a fan of using … [Read more...]

More DIY Kitchen Islands!

A small home just screams out for a kitchen island to add workable space. I know mine does! Extra points for wheels and built in storage. Our first post on DIY kitchen islands was so popular, we found some more great tutorials and ideas for you. Whether you only need that extra counter work space at the holidays and for entertaining, or you just need space period, we have one here for you.  If you … [Read more...]

7 Tips on Decorating a Small Kitchen

Even though small kitchens are a challenge to decorate, storage and display areas are of prime importance. Here are a few home decorating ideas for decorating a small kitchen to make it both beautiful and efficient. Visually increase a small kitchen’s size with glass cabinet doors. Paint the insides of the cabinets the same color as the walls for a fashionable, well-designed update. Solid-door … [Read more...]

Small Kitchen Organizing Ideas

  Small house, small kitchen...they pretty much go hand in hand. (Unless you are one of those very lucky few, in which case pour yourself a glass of wine and celebrate that you don't need this post.) The biggest problem in a small kitchen is that we all need a certain amount of kitchen stuff, and we gotta have a place to put it. In comes small kitchen organizing ideas... the steps to … [Read more...]

DIY Nooks and Banquettes

We need all the space we can get in our small home, so finding a way to tuck in a breakfast nook or bar seems like a perfect DIY project. Most of us have some extra space we can squeeze out here or there. From full building projects all the way down to a little rearranging, here are some amazing DIY breakfast nooks and banquettes for your small home! Our featured project is a DIY Ikea hack seating … [Read more...]

Small Kitchen Inspiration

If you have a small kitchen, it may seem difficult at times to really love it... After all, it seems all you do is try to fit in more storage. Not that more storage isn't needed, but sometimes we need to step back and realize that our small kitchens can be more than a just a space we try to make more efficient. They can be charming, trendy, bright, cozy or just plain beautiful. So this post is all … [Read more...]

How to Make a DIY Kitchen Island

Small kitchens are all in need of two things: more storage, and more prep space. A kitchen island gives you both, and you can make a DIY kitchen island from re-purposed and up-cycled elements, without spending a lot of cash. Here are the basic instructions, and some inspiration for customizing your kitchen island. Basic Tutorial A kitchen island is nothing more than another sturdy kitchen … [Read more...]

DIY Project: Kitchen Cabinet Update

Walk around a kitchen showroom these days, and you’ll see beautiful custom cabinet set ups with one thing in common...almost all of them have display areas built into the cabinet system. Its a beautiful thing to have kitchen display space without taking up valuable floor space with a china hutch in our most well visited room! This is an easy do it yourself project, and ideal for a “budget … [Read more...]

Love Your Small Kitchen (For Less Than $10!)

Those of us with small kitchens AND small budgets know it can be tough to decorate. These small kitchen decorating ideas for less than $10 (many are free!) will have you on your way to a stylish space in no time. You may even start to like cooking! Display your utensils in a creative way...try using an antique bucket, pretty pitcher or even a basket. Hang your favorite stir fry wok on … [Read more...]

4 Amazing Small Kitchen Decorating Tricks

You can transform your small kitchen by decorating it in an aesthetic way. Small kitchens can feel cramped and cluttered just by having the necessary elements and appliances in them. You do not want to add to this effect but making the room seem even busier. Check out these four small kitchen decorating tips to help you achieve a pleasing and workable kitchen area. Glass Front Cabinets One … [Read more...]

$5 Shoe Rack – Priceless Organization in the Kitchen

There never seems to be enough room in the kitchen and don't we all have at least one junk drawer in the house? If you suffer from, "Don't know what to do with the grocery bags" syndrome, the perfect solution is about to present itself. Next time you are hitting up the local discount retail store, check out the home organization aisle and look at the over-the-door shoe racks. You will find shoe … [Read more...]

How to Make a Pot Rack: 7 Easy Ideas

Let’s face it, we all need more room in our kitchens! One of the easiest ways to free up cabinet space is by hanging a pot rack from the ceiling to store all your bulky pots and pans. Pot racks run upwards of $150 even at the online discount shops! Here is my first easy way to make a sturdy pot rack for your kitchen for less than $15. Supplies Non pressure treated 2x4 … [Read more...]