9 Amazing DIY Bunk Beds

If you have kids and a smaller (or smallish) home, you need to be thinking about bunk beds. But like any furniture, that can get pricey, fast. These DIY bunk bed projects will save you money, and help you create beds for your kids  (or grandkids!) that will last to the next generation! Use these space saving pieces of furniture for shared kids bedrooms, vacation homes or just to provide a "guest" … [Read more...]

DIY Kids Furniture Projects

We're always quick to tackle decorating projects in the adult spaces of our homes, but what about the kids? Don't they deserve some design love as well? Well, we're gonna fix that right now, because we have some of the cutest DIY projects for kid's furniture we could find for you. Our feature project above and below, is from Andrea at 'Strawberry Chic'... She made this DIY Pottery Barn kid's … [Read more...]

Kids Rooms: Shared Bedroom Solutions

Many of us who have a small home also have fewer bedrooms. This can often mean kids sharing bedroom space out of necessity. Other families choose for their kids to share a room based on family values. Whatever the reason, sharing bedrooms between kids can present some challenging decorating obstacles. How to find room for sleeping and playing? Keeping organized? Shared closet space? Individual … [Read more...]

Corral The Mess In Your Child’s Room

Fight back against the clutter and chaos that come with a disorganized playroom. Don't be overwhelmed by the myriad number of small pieces and parts that accessorize so many of your kid's toys. Step back, take a deep breath, and make a plan.   Just like everything else in life that needs to be organized, your kid's playroom needs compartments. If you can begin to compartmentalize the … [Read more...]