Starry Starry String Lights : Year Round Home Decor!

I know most of of use string lights during the holidays, but did you know these pretty little sparklies can light up your decor all year round? Upscale hotels and restaurants use them indoors and out, regardless of the season. So we thought we'd inspire you to using these little beauties all around your home! Using string lights to decorate brings style and light into your decor, for minimal … [Read more...]

10 Awesome Ideas for Tiny Laundry Spaces

Laundry rooms are supposed to be the place where everything gets clean, crisp and looking sharp... But does your laundry room itself live up to the task? If you can't find the pre-wash and you are navigating through open piles of unwashed laundry, you have a problem. And if your laundry space isn't very big to begin with, it's a catastrophe zone! Use these awesome ideas for tiny laundry spaces to … [Read more...]

Storage Solutions All Around the House

I've said it before - if you have a small house, you have storage issues. Nothing makes a small home look smaller than a bunch of clutter. These storage solutions all around the house will have you celebrating your home just a little bit more. Let's get to it! Our feature project above, is a pipe frame wall shelf from 'Lowes'... easy enough to put together in just a few minutes! And a few more … [Read more...]

Creative Indoor Vertical Wall Gardens

I don't know about you, but in my small home, horizontal surfaces are few and far between. I wish I had a giant sideboard that I could march a dozen herb plants down, or multiple table tops to spread out my fern collection. But, I don't. You probably don't either, but still want to grow an indoor garden of some variety. That's ok, because we found these inspiring ideas for creative indoor vertical … [Read more...]

Cute and Cool Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

So recently my youngest daughter informed me that it is time for a room overhaul... She gets that from me. ;). In any case, since she's heading to high school soon, I think she's about right. (Just FYI, no, that isn't her up there... but if we get her room done, maybe she will grace us with a photo of that beautiful face? Perfect place to embarrass your teenage daughter? They call it the comments … [Read more...]

Small Bathroom? Great Ideas!

If you have a small home like me, chances are you also have a small bathroom. Or two. I think we forget to make our bathroom special. It should be a place that makes us feel good, and also a place where we can stretch our creativity muscle. After all, you don't spend hours a day in there, so take a few creative risks in the bath is a good thing. So here are some quick small bathroom decorating … [Read more...]

Small Porch Decorating Ideas

If you have a small porch, deck, or balcony...welcome to the club. My front porch is literally 6 feet by 6 feet... but I'm determined to make it a welcoming space. And you can make your small porch wonderful too, with these small porch decorating ideas and design tips... Not to mention the inspirational photos! So create another room and find a way to use your small outdoor space to enjoy...well, … [Read more...]

DIY Driftwood Decor: Ideas and Projects

It doesn't matter if you love beachy themes or coastal decor...who doesn't love driftwood? Steve and I were just talking the other day about how it's not as easy to get as the "old days"... but what is? :) You can buy it at craft stores and I just scored a really cool piece at Goodwill for less than $6! And you can still collect it in many areas, just be sure to check your local and state … [Read more...]

9 Decor Solutions for Naked Walls

Walls a bit... well, naked? Want something different on your walls than the same old stuff? You aren't alone. I love creativity in decorating, and one of the easiest ways to have unique decor is to hang it on your walls. So here are nine decor solutions for bare walls that anyone can do, and everyone should! For our feature project, above, View Along the Way had this great idea of using canvas … [Read more...]

Clever Storage Ideas You Never Thought Of!

Small homes need storage, and sometimes they need storage ideas that are a little new. We all get tired of buying plastic containers and bathroom organizers. Time to find some clever, unique and inventive storage ideas you never thought of! Check out these inspirational projects and ideas for small space storage in your home! Staying on the pallet trend with everyone else, check out this … [Read more...]

Redecorating by Repurposing

Repurposing is the new buzz word in the design field, and has crossed all genres. Why? Because we live in a world where we want to do better for our planet, our homes and our pocketbooks...and where we also value creativity over things you can buy. I like that in this world. So redecorating by repurposing isn't a new concept, but it's one that is getting a lot of attention. So whether you just … [Read more...]

Small Kitchen Inspiration

If you have a small kitchen, it may seem difficult at times to really love it... After all, it seems all you do is try to fit in more storage. Not that more storage isn't needed, but sometimes we need to step back and realize that our small kitchens can be more than a just a space we try to make more efficient. They can be charming, trendy, bright, cozy or just plain beautiful. So this post is all … [Read more...]

DIY Tech Accessories

We all have 'em... phones, tablets and other hi tech gadgets lying around the house. One of the worse things about buying new tech gadgets is realizing how incredibly expensive the accessories are! We have found some great tutorials and ideas on DIY tech accessories that will create storage for your stuff that is as current and creative as the tech itself! Our featured project (above) from … [Read more...]

Hide Your TV! – DIY Projects

When living in a smaller home, there isn't a lot of space to hide those every day items that make our lives better, but don't exactly add to the know what I mean...the toaster, the exercise bike, and the TV. One of the biggest complaints of designers everywhere is, "I don't want to see that TV!" Well, the designer in me is here to tell you, most of us need to have our TV at the ready. … [Read more...]

Decorating with White!

One of the most common tricks to decorating a small space is to use lot's of white. But isn't a white space kind of boring and cold? Nope... and here's how to decorate with white, right! Realize all whites are not the same. While it's fine to combine whites, make sure they are on the same temperature scale... in other words, yellow based whites are warm, blue based whites are cool. White … [Read more...]

DIY Home Office – Small Spaces

More people than ever are working at home, whether they start their own business, or telecommute... And that can be pretty tough if you live in a small space. You can always carve out practical spaces in small home, and make them look great with some decorating tricks. Keeping organized, reducing clutter to a minimum and using double duty furniture and spaces are the key to finding you home office … [Read more...]

Ten Minute Decorating!

Whether you are expecting guests, or just want to bring in some quick home decorating updates to your home, ten minute decorating is your solution. Quick and easy ideas for making any room feel fresh and stylish. So here are ten ideas for a ten minute decorating update! 1. Clean the Clutter If you think cleaning clutter away has nothing to do with decorating, think again. Removing all that … [Read more...]

Small Entry? Great Ideas!

Most of us who have smaller homes deal with a small entry...or worse, no entry at all. It is possible to carve out a bit of space to set your entryway apart from the rest of your home, and to give you a spot to organize the families coming and going. Keys, homework, jackets... they all add up to our day to day. So check out these great entry decorating ideas for your small space. Love these … [Read more...]

5 Ways Small Items Can Pack a Big Punch!

Sometimes the best home decor comes in the smallest packages! Home decorating isn’t always about large pieces of furniture and expensive things. In small homes, details do make a difference. Here are some fantastic decor ideas for using details in your decorating to make big impact in any small room.   Use Flowers Flowers don’t have to be expensive; you can pick up a bunch at the … [Read more...]

Small Room Makeover: Pops of Color!

When decorating a small room, most of us tend to stay with neutrals and light colors to expand the space visually. It's a good concept, and it works, except at times it can seem a little stagnant...and yes, I'm gonna say it... B O R I N G. Adding pops of color to your home decorating can add updated style and wow to any room, without closing it in. In fact, if you aren't adding either color or … [Read more...]

DIY Halloween Decorating (for small homes)

Just because you have a small home doesn't mean you don't have room to enjoy a little Halloween decorating fun... In fact, having a small space can be less overwhelming when decorating for any holiday. It's easier to keep a theme pulled together, and you require fewer decorations to make an impact on the room. And when you find a really cool over the top decorating project that you just can't live … [Read more...]

Small Space Style: Budget Decorating for a Small Home

Having recently downsized to a house half the size of my previous one, I know a bit about decorating a small home! As an interior decorator, having my home present itself as a showcase for my personal style is important to me. Here are some of the best ways to add small space style to any home decorating project! Don’t look at having a small home as a handicap. Not having a large space to plan … [Read more...]

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

When I helped my daughter move into her first college dorm room, I wasn't prepared for how tiny her room would be! Floor space was definitely scarce, and it was obvious she would have to come up with some creative storage solutions. Decorating a dorm room can be tricky, because obviously your roommate will want to have a say in how the room is decorated. Whether you are moving into a dorm … [Read more...]

Top Five Small Room Decorating Ideas of 2012

Here at Decorating Your Small Space, we are busy planning for what's to come. Looking back over the past 12 months, the site has grown, and we thought we would share with you our top 5 small room decorating articles of 2012! 1. Small Living Room: How to Decorate Small Spaces Whether you have an apartment or a small home, decorating a small living room can be a challenge. After all, it is … [Read more...]