Make it Marble • DIY to Die for!

One home trend here to stay for awhile (again!) is the love of all things marble. We've had our own love affair going on with marble, with our new marble quartz island counters, and our daughter and son in law recently did a faux marble treatment on their kitchen counters. But you don't have to invest thousands to enjoy the marble look, and you don't have to use it just in the kitchen. These DIY … [Read more...]

Decorating with Whimsy : Charming and Cheeky Decor

Sometimes in the design world we take ourselves way too seriously. Like, way. Ok, maybe just all of us do that. Life gets busy, jobs must be done, kids must be raised, yards must be mowed. Notice all the periods in these sentences? Way! Too! Serious! So let's shake it up a little, and vow to add a little charming and cheeky decor here and there in our homes, to spark a smile and to remind us that … [Read more...]

9 Decor Solutions for Naked Walls

Walls a bit... well, naked? Want something different on your walls than the same old stuff? You aren't alone. I love creativity in decorating, and one of the easiest ways to have unique decor is to hang it on your walls. So here are nine decor solutions for bare walls that anyone can do, and everyone should! For our feature project, above, View Along the Way had this great idea of using canvas … [Read more...]

How to Arrange a Coffee Table – 4 Steps

One of the most often asked questions of designers is "how do I arrange my decor?" When is comes to your coffee table, creating a pleasing arrangement seems like an important task...after all, it is the most on display piece of furniture in the room.  Here is a foolproof formula to arranging a coffee table, and inspiring photos to help you get it right. Our featured photo, above, is from The Every … [Read more...]

DIY Wine Racks

I love wine.  As a mother of teenagers, I really enjoy a glass of good red wine. (How many of you are nodding your head?)  I finally am gathering enough good bottles (holiday gifts!) to warrant a wine rack! These DIY wine rack projects and tutorials will not only do the job of providing you a place to store your wine, they are a home decorating accent as well. Choose one that compliments your home … [Read more...]