Modern and Glam Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to our winter wonderland! This year Steve and I have a new home and we couldn't wait to get started on our modern and glam theme. We've had some pretty varied Christmas themes over the years (remember the Candy-land Christmas and last years Classic Christmas?) but this might be my favorite yet. As most of you who have been following our blogs for awhile know, I can be a little Christmas … [Read more...]

Free Christmas Printables & Tags Galore!

We love the holidays. Everything about it. Ok, well not everything. The chaos could be tamed down a little, right? Running around to find the perfect "this" and the perfect "that' to make your home feel as full of Christmas spirit as the North Pole on Christmas Eve? Yea, we are all for creating the atmosphere to make memories, but anything we can do to make it easier, we're gonna do! We found all … [Read more...]

Christmas Decor Inspiration at our Local Gift & Garden Center

Our local gift and garden store rocks. Especially around the holidays! Not only do they do an amazing job at styling different tree themes and decorating ideas, they always have Santa's reindeer for the kids out front! People in our area just wait for it... the day the decorations are ready! Beaver Bark Gift & Garden Center just rocks. And so we are sharing some Christmas decorating ideas to … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Paint Pen Christmas Ornaments

We all like a little sparkle around the holidays, and we think silver and gold is the way to do it. Elegant and glam, pretty and yet really easy, these DIY paint pen ornaments were made with metallic ribbon and paint pens. We think these would be great to nestle into a pretty holiday bowl lined with fabric or filled with craft snow, as well as on the tree. Oh, and we threw in a cute ribbon filled … [Read more...]

Front Porch Decorating Ideas for the 4th of July

The Fourth of July is so much fun... family time, summer cook outs, and yes, a sense of patriotism that brings us all a little closer together. (Yes, I am aware of how sappy that sounds. It's true though!) So this year, whether  you are lucky enough to have a big Southern porch to cool yourself on summer evenings, or a tiny condo balcony, use these front porch decorating ideas for the 4th of July, … [Read more...]

6 Weeks of Holiday DIY : Week 6 – DIY Handmade Holiday Gifts

Welcome to our 6th and final week of DYSS’s 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY! - Handmade Holiday Gifts! This week we have great DIY handmade gift projects for the DIY'er or home and garden lover! If you're a regular reader, you probably already know that Steve and I don't love projects that are too "cutesy"... Unless they come from a 3 year old, of course. In that case it can't be too cute! So we've … [Read more...]

6 Weeks of Holiday DIY : Week 5 – Holiday Mantel Ideas

Welcome to our 5th week of DYSS’s 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY! - Holiday Mantels! These ideas will work for a traditional fireplace mantel or any table top display space for holiday decorating, so don't feel limited if you don't even have a mantel in your home! If you have missed week 1-4, here they are so you can catch up! 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY : Week 1 – DIY Stocking Hangers 6 Weeks of … [Read more...]

6 Weeks of Holiday DIY : Week 4 – Creative Christmas Lights!

Welcome to our 4th week of DYSS’s 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY! - Creative Christmas Lights! If you missed any of our previous weeks, visit them here : 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY : Week 1 - DIY Stocking Hangers 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY : Week 2 - DIY Christmas Stockings 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY : Week 3 - DIY Christmas Ornaments Week 5 we will have DIY Christmas mantels, and for week 6, holiday … [Read more...]

6 Weeks of Holiday DIY : Week 3 – DIY Christmas Ornaments!

Welcome to our third week of DYSS’s 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY! If you missed week 1, DIY stocking hangers, or week 2, DIY stockings, check them out now! All 6 weeks are linked together so you will always be able to get to every project series, no matter which week you join us in. Next week, creative holiday lighting projects! Week 5 we will be bring you DIY holiday mantel and table top … [Read more...]

6 Weeks of Holiday DIY : Week 2 – DIY Christmas Stockings!

Welcome to our second week of DYSS’s 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY! Well if you joined us for last weeks' "week 1" of our 6 weeks of holiday diy, you already have your stocking hangers done! Ok, maybe at least you have them planned... If you missed it, you can check out  Week 1 - DIY Stocking Hangers. Just a FYI for those of you just joining us... our 6 week holiday diy projects will all link … [Read more...]

6 Weeks of Holiday DIY : Week 1 – DIY Stocking Hangers

Welcome to our first week of DYSS's 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY! Each week, through to the second week in December we will be bringing you handpicked DIY projects to get you right to where you need to be with your holiday decor... And each week will link up to the others, so if you miss one, it's ok... just jump in anywhere and pick and choose the projects that work for you. So to start you off, … [Read more...]

11 Ideas for Pretty Pumpkins

We all know that when it comes to fall decorating, pumpkins are our go-to project idea for bringing that autumn feel to any room, porch or  garden. But it doesn't have to be that same old jack o'lantern, and it doesn't have to be just about Halloween. Pumpkins are a part of the harvest,  and should be celebrated as part of the fall bounty in our homes. With that in mind, we searched the … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Tablescape

Valentine’s Day is a special day in my household, and I try to share the feeling of love and romance with all my family! One of the best ways to do that is to set a wonderful Valentine's Day tablescape, and spend time enjoying good food and drink with your loved ones. (Include your kids in dinner, and save a special after dinner and dessert for romance!) Here are some great ideas for setting the … [Read more...]

Home Decorating Gift Ideas Under $25

Whether you are a home decorator (and if you are here, you are!) looking for ideas so you can hint to someone who loves you, or are looking for gift ideas to give your friends and family (who doesn't love things for their home?) here is our list of top picks for home decorating gift ideas, all under $25! Remember, small homes need more attention to detail than a larger space, so taking the time to … [Read more...]

Holiday Photo Projects

The most important thing about the holidays isn't the decorations (even though that's fun!) but the friends and family you spend it with. A great way to decorate for Christmas is to incorporate your family into your theme with holiday photo projects. There are bunch of great projects anyone can do to create keepsakes that make great gifts, too. So pull out those boxes of snapshots, and pull up … [Read more...]

DIY Advent Calendar Projects – Easy!

Advent calendars have long been used to mark down the time until Christmas day, but have you ever thought of making one yourself? Many are great holiday decorations for a small home because they hang on the wall, or take very little floor space. And let's face it, they're fun! (And not just for the kids!) Here are our best picks for DIY advent calendars for the holiday season... and even if you … [Read more...]

DIY Glass Ornament Projects

Empty glass ornaments are available in craft stores everywhere, from tiny little babies to large globes. Using glass ornaments to create personal creations for your holiday decorating is fun, creative and trendy. Here are some great glass ornament ideas to get your DIY project juices flowing! So last Christmas we did a bunch of feather glass ornaments, and I WISH I could find the pics for … [Read more...]

Small Home Entertaining Tips

This coming Thanksgiving I will be entertaining in my small home (less than 1400 sq. ft) for the first time in a few years, and I am really looking forward to it. Raised by a Southern family, there was never such a thing as "not enough room"! However, I love my decorating, and I love the feeling of luxe, if not the price tag, so I am figuring out some great ways to fit my family and loved ones … [Read more...]

Not Your Mother’s Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and I love this holiday because it's a simpler, but just as meaningful holiday as Christmas or other gift giving celebrations. In fact, instead of giving gifts, we reflect on the gifts we have already received, in so many ways. I also enjoy it because it allows me to focus on table decorating, and creating a wonderful space for my family to enjoy what may be the … [Read more...]

DIY Halloween Decorating (for small homes)

Just because you have a small home doesn't mean you don't have room to enjoy a little Halloween decorating fun... In fact, having a small space can be less overwhelming when decorating for any holiday. It's easier to keep a theme pulled together, and you require fewer decorations to make an impact on the room. And when you find a really cool over the top decorating project that you just can't live … [Read more...]

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating

You don't have to wait for Halloween to decorate with pumpkins. This time of year they are abundant and make great fall décor on the porch, or inside your home. Check out these ideas for no carve pumpkin decorating, and use them to express your personality! Did I mention, these are kid friendly projects as well!   You have GOT to love this! Cinderella's coach with junk metal and tiny … [Read more...]