DIY Rustic Headboards

So "rustic" rhymes with "romantic"... ok, not really, but it should because they go right together! Which makes them a perfect combination in the bedroom, right? Decorating, I mean.  ;) What better way to bring those two things together than DIY rustic headboards?! We've got some great tutorials, and when you have got them down, use the rest to inspire you to do something all your own! Seriously, … [Read more...]

16 DIY Headboard Projects

We've all got one...a bed. And we all have one thing in common about our's the focal point of our bedroom! What's the best way to maximize that focal point? Create a DIY headboard and give extra personality to the bedroom. You can tailor the style of the headboard to your bedroom theme, or create a storage headboard to give you tons of extra space! This is easy folks, you can do this! … [Read more...]