DIY Workbenches

Small homes often don't have room for a shop, and perhaps only have a small, one car garage or car port. If you are a person that likes to work with wood, or tinker with building things, this can make it really tough to find a place in which to... well, tinker! But a well planned workbench can solve your problem. Not only can a workbench squeeze shop space into a small garage or even into a … [Read more...]

Garage Makeover Projects

When you live in a small house, sometimes the garage is your only source of good storage. What do you store there?  Just. About. Everything. It's not just holiday lights and the lawn mower when your have a smaller space... It's Costco purchases and out of season clothes, your good set of china for parties, and your decorating and craft supplies. The list goes on... However, it's also easy for the … [Read more...]

DIY Garage Storage Projects & Ideas

If you have a small home, you are really lucky if you have a garage to provide extra storage. However, if you aren't careful, your garage can become a jumble of disarray, where nothing is stored properly and nothing can ever be found! If your holiday decorations are mixing with your grandmothers teapots, then some DIY garage storage projects are in order. Creating storage in the garage can free up … [Read more...]