9 Amazing DIY Bunk Beds

If you have kids and a smaller (or smallish) home, you need to be thinking about bunk beds. But like any furniture, that can get pricey, fast. These DIY bunk bed projects will save you money, and help you create beds for your kids  (or grandkids!) that will last to the next generation! Use these space saving pieces of furniture for shared kids bedrooms, vacation homes or just to provide a "guest" … [Read more...]

DIY Furniture Knock Offs

Inspired by some of your favorite furniture stores like: Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, CB2, West Elm and Anthropologie! Furniture is expensive folks. Like, really expensive. And most of us dream of something a little nicer than discount store particle board, don't we? The big furniture chains make nicer pieces more accessible now than they have ever been, but they can still take a pretty … [Read more...]

How to Reupholster Almost Anything!

Furniture is expeeennnssiiiveeee.... Seriously, I could send my kid to a semester of college for what they want for some sofas! Luckily, you don't always have to go out and buy new. If your existing furniture has good bones and a solid, sturdy frame, chances are you can reupholster it. Think it's just for the pros? Nope. Here is our round up of projects that prove you can reupholster almost … [Read more...]

DIY Murphy Beds

We recently were working on a home design, and one of the issues was that there was need for a guest room. Unfortunately,  both extra rooms needed to be used as a home office. Solution, Murphy beds! For those of you in the dark about what a Murphy bed is, it's a wall bed that folds up during the day to save space. Once we started doing some research, we discovered not only could you create a well … [Read more...]

14 Space Saving Projects on Wheels

Small homes call for creative solutions. The fact is that you may need to be flexible with furniture and living pieces that can be moved and stored, or even do double duty. Projects with wheels are a natural for small spaces - they are easily moved from room to room without needing the local football team to lift, and they can be rolled out of the way to make more space when necessary. Take a look … [Read more...]

Do It Yourself Stunning Side Tables

We all need a place to set our mugs of cocoa or our icy glasses of lemonade when sitting around our living spaces, and side tables are a great bet for using up as little floor space as possible. If you have shopped for side tables recently, you may have noticed that they aren't a lot less expensive than a large coffee table, despite being less than half the size! Our solution? Do it yourself … [Read more...]

12 Fabulous & Functional DIY Storage Benches

One of the biggest problems anyone with a small home (ok, just anyone!) has is having enough storage space. When the footprint of your home is already limited, the last thing you want to do is add more furniture! A great solution for us is to replace existing pieces with those that pull double duty. These DIY storage bench projects will give you more seating, (we ALL need that!) and more storage … [Read more...]

DIY Rustic Headboards

So "rustic" rhymes with "romantic"... ok, not really, but it should because they go right together! Which makes them a perfect combination in the bedroom, right? Decorating, I mean.  ;) What better way to bring those two things together than DIY rustic headboards?! We've got some great tutorials, and when you have got them down, use the rest to inspire you to do something all your own! Seriously, … [Read more...]

Dreamy Canopy Bed Projects

One of the first memories I have of a decorating "want" was a canopy bed. I was about eight years old, and had made a new friend at school. This was a pretty big deal for me as I was so incredibly shy, so these memories stuck for me. On my first after school trip for snacks and play time, I got a peek at her room. She had a four poster canopy bed, and it was the first one I had ever seen. Of … [Read more...]

DIY Projects with Pipe!

We've recently become pretty enamored with industrial style and design... It blends well with modern styles, and adds a rustic flavor that warms up your rooms, but keeps a style edge, as well. Pipe is an inexpensive DIY material to use when creating any style with an industrial flair. A huge number of end fittings exist, allowing you to create any size or shape project you desire. It's easy for a … [Read more...]

15 DIY Entryway Bench Projects

An entryway bench is a really great option when you have a small (or no!) entryway, as is common in most smaller homes. It gives you a space to sit and put on your shoes, or the little ones shoes, and also to set items when coming into the house. It can be pressed into service as temporary seating at the dining table when entertaining, or even used as a sofa or side table in a pinch. Its the … [Read more...]

DIY Creative Stools

Stools can be great space savers, tucking under furniture when not in use and offering double duty purpose. Whether you need a place to sit, a stand for a plant, or an occasional table for a tight spot, making your own stools is an easy way to stretch the space in any small home. These DIY creative stools are our top picks around the blogosphere for one of a kind projects that are a perfect fit … [Read more...]

Sleek and Stylish DIY Coffee Tables

Some of the most popular projects on DYSS are the DIY furniture projects... there is no better way to get exactly what you want, at a lower price and higher quality, than to make it yourself. These sleek and stylish DIY coffee table projects would look awesome in any home, and you can't find them in any store either, so you know they are one of a kind. Who doesn't want a unique element in every … [Read more...]

10 Textured Wallpaper Projects

Textured wallpaper is one of those under rated products that is finally having it's day. The last few years it's improved so much, it is a great substitute for bead-board, tin, or even plaster! There are so many different textures and patterns available, and many of them can be painted over. More important to us DIY'ers? It isn't just for walls! We did some research and found some really great … [Read more...]

Painted Furniture Projects

We all have those old, boring, or even damaged furniture pieces that we are tired of looking at. Instead of replacing them with newer models, you can use paint to update and freshen your furniture, and it isn't a difficult project! Painted furniture adds color and style to a room without having to repaint the walls, and gives the furniture pieces themselves unique personality. You can paint … [Read more...]

Top 3 Furniture Placement Blunders Exposed

#1 Blunder By far the most common mistake made, is the bowling alley syndrome in large living rooms. You know what I'm talking about. All the furniture in the room is pushed up against the walls with a big empty space in the middle. Sorry, having kids is no excuse. • Problem: No conversation area! When you are visiting with someone it's nice to feel like your actually sitting in the same … [Read more...]

3 Tips For Choosing Furniture When Decorating Small Rooms

Are you ready to shop for furniture for a small room in your home and wonder where to begin? By keeping in mind a few basic principles of decorating small rooms, you will find shopping for furniture when decorating small rooms and spaces can be a pleasant experience. If you keep the following decorating tips in mind, you will actually end up with furniture and accessories that you love and will … [Read more...]