Creative Door Mats You Can Make Yourself

One of the first places a visitor to your home gets a taste of your style and personality is at your front door. So let your creativity shine there! Make these DIY custom door mats to welcome family and friends, and let them reflect you and your family. Are you colorful? Simple? Traditional? Choose a project here that lets you create a door mat that is one of a kind. Our featured project above, … [Read more...]

What a Difference a Door Makes!

Ok, I have a decorating pet peeve. Front doors. Let's face it, the entry is the first place your decorating style is showcased, and it is a main contributor to your curb appeal as well. So many people just accept a cheesy front door picked by their builder, or the former owner, and don't stop to consider how much it contributes to the overall feel of your home. And it counts even more with small … [Read more...]