9 Awesome Fireplace Makeover Projects

If we are lucky enough to have a fireplace in our home, the truth is, we should be trying to make the most of it. Let's face it, in the design world, few things in a room command attention like a fireplace. The problem is, unless you have a newer custom home, chances are yours could use a little updating and sprucing up, right? We gotcha covered. These fine bloggers had the same problem, and went … [Read more...]

Faux Fireplace Ideas and Projects

It's pretty common for small homes to be lacking a fireplace. Space is always an issue for builders, and it's a real shame because a fireplace adds more architectural interest to a home than almost any other feature. It's also pretty expensive to add an aftermarket fireplace, although there are electric and non venting options out there. And, let's not forget, some people love the look of a … [Read more...]