Small and Functional DIY Mud Rooms

If you have a family, chances are you deal with the problem of "stuff" that comes into the house every day. Books, shoes, backpacks, keys, mail... So much stuff! And the dirt? Please. Even if your home is small, there is a solution to keep you organized and the house clutter free. These small and functional DIY mud rooms help these families stay on track with their "stuff", which in turn helps us … [Read more...]

15 DIY Entryway Bench Projects

An entryway bench is a really great option when you have a small (or no!) entryway, as is common in most smaller homes. It gives you a space to sit and put on your shoes, or the little ones shoes, and also to set items when coming into the house. It can be pressed into service as temporary seating at the dining table when entertaining, or even used as a sofa or side table in a pinch. Its the … [Read more...]

Small Entry? Great Ideas!

Most of us who have smaller homes deal with a small entry...or worse, no entry at all. It is possible to carve out a bit of space to set your entryway apart from the rest of your home, and to give you a spot to organize the families coming and going. Keys, homework, jackets... they all add up to our day to day. So check out these great entry decorating ideas for your small space. Love these … [Read more...]