DIY Nooks and Banquettes

We need all the space we can get in our small home, so finding a way to tuck in a breakfast nook or bar seems like a perfect DIY project. Most of us have some extra space we can squeeze out here or there. From full building projects all the way down to a little rearranging, here are some amazing DIY breakfast nooks and banquettes for your small home! Our featured project is a DIY Ikea hack seating … [Read more...]

DIY Table Runner Projects

When you have a small home, it can be a challenge to add detail and color without overwhelming a room with clutter.  No matter what size your home, tablecloths in our dining areas are becoming passé. They need to be frequently cleaned, they can be a safety hazard with kids and pets, and in the case of a small home, they add just one more "thing" to clutter up the room. That having been said, it's … [Read more...]

DIY Dining Table Projects

One of the most expensive decorative items we buy for our home is furniture. And the sad fact is, even in expensive shops it can be hard to find anything with any measure of personality at all. Creating your own furniture just requires a DIY spirit and a little bit of hard work. (And occasionally, a power tool or two!) And a good place to start is a DIY dining table project! After all, all a table … [Read more...]

Decorating A Small Dining Room

Your dining room is a space for family meals therefore you are looking for it to have a great interior design. But how can you make a small dining room look big on style? But if you practice these suggestions, you will realize that there are numerous methods for decorating a small dining room. One thing you might want to do is be sure to decide on a room design that makes the most out of small … [Read more...]