DIY Black & White Home Decor Projects

Adding black & white as a color combo to any room adds a punch of contrast and interest without interfering with your color scheme. It can liven up a neutral room, or tone down a colorful one. Both modern and elegant, black & white is a designer secret to rooms that command attention without being overly formal. Use black & white in an unexpected space, such as a baby's room or the … [Read more...]

Decorating with Whimsy : Charming and Cheeky Decor

Sometimes in the design world we take ourselves way too seriously. Like, way. Ok, maybe just all of us do that. Life gets busy, jobs must be done, kids must be raised, yards must be mowed. Notice all the periods in these sentences? Way! Too! Serious! So let's shake it up a little, and vow to add a little charming and cheeky decor here and there in our homes, to spark a smile and to remind us that … [Read more...]

Ways to Decorate with Corrugated Metal

Love an industrial, farmhouse, rustic or even modern look? Then give corrugated metal a try! It's a great material to use to add texture and presence to a room, without spending a lot of money. It's easy to work with, and forgiving of mistakes, and, well, it's just amazingly cool! So check out all these ways to use corrugated metal in home decor. Feature photo below, is a corrugated metal … [Read more...]

12 Newest and Coolest DIY Home Decor Projects

With all the DIY projects floating around the blogosphere, it can be tough to find and follow the new trends and tutorials. The DIY world changes fast, as does the design world. We went out and tried to find some of the best, newest and coolest DIY home decor projects out there, and we find some trends worth noting. Scandinavian, Mid Century and Modern design continues to gain popularity and to be … [Read more...]

DIY Modern Farmhouse Projects

Farmhouse style is homey, lovely and reminiscent of a simpler time. Modern farmhouse has taken over the decorating shows and Pinterest, and has transformed a once outdated style into something trendy and hot in the decorating world. So what makes a project "Modern Farmhouse"? Farmhouse style originally came of the need for hard working and hard wearing homes for farming families. There … [Read more...]

Christmas Decor Inspiration at our Local Gift & Garden Center

Our local gift and garden store rocks. Especially around the holidays! Not only do they do an amazing job at styling different tree themes and decorating ideas, they always have Santa's reindeer for the kids out front! People in our area just wait for it... the day the decorations are ready! Beaver Bark Gift & Garden Center just rocks. And so we are sharing some Christmas decorating ideas to … [Read more...]

Dreamy DIY Projects with Photos

We love projects using photos here at DYSS, for a bunch of reasons... First... Ok, who doesn't love to see photos of their loved ones, or a special time, or a cherished memory every day? We also happen to be fond of the art of photography itself... Oh, and did I mention, I went to college for a degree in Photography? Not that you need us to tell you that DIY projects with photos are worth your … [Read more...]

Coziest Bedrooms for Bedroom Bliss

Most of us want our bedroom to be a place of bliss... Cozy, nurturing and relaxing. There are far too few places where one can just be, and can try to let go of the worries and stresses of the day. Shouldn't your bedroom be one of those places? Easier said than done, it seems like the bedroom is the last place we think about when decorating. After all, we only sleep there, right? Um, no. We … [Read more...]

DIY Projects for a Bright and Cheery Home

I love all things bright and cheery. Let's face it, surrounding ourselves with happy and colorful things is kinda infectious, isn't it? It's hard to be in a grumpy mood when your own home is practically yelling at you to pull it together and smile! So today's post is dedicated to all things decorating that make us smile. Our feature post above, is an inspirational dining room from 'Sanna and … [Read more...]

10 Creative Projects with Burlap

A few years ago, burlap went from being a utilitarian supply most people had never even seen, (unless you dealt with feed bags) to a hot new rustic staple in the cupboard of every budget decorator. Why not? It's got great texture, a rustic feel, it's tough, easy to craft with, inexpensive, neutral in color... The list goes on. So chalk another one up to DIY'er ingenuity, and come learn how to make … [Read more...]

Clever Ways to Decorate Your Hallway

The hallway is way too often ignored when decorating... it is a space that is passed through so often, it deserves to have some attention! Since hallways tend to be small spaces, you don't want to clutter or close it in, but you do want to add interest. It doesn't have to be a boring, utilitarian space! Make sure you and your loved ones enjoy passing through... After all, isn't life the journey, … [Read more...]

Branch Out! Decorating with Branches

I love including nature in my decor, and I'm always looking for unique decorating ideas that you don't find in every other house on the block... Enter branches! Using branches in decorating is a stroke of pure genius. They have amazing texture, are a natural sculpture, and allow us to bring the beauty of nature into our homes without getting cutesy. They work equally well in modern homes as they … [Read more...]

Starry Starry String Lights : Year Round Home Decor!

I know most of of use string lights during the holidays, but did you know these pretty little sparklies can light up your decor all year round? Upscale hotels and restaurants use them indoors and out, regardless of the season. So we thought we'd inspire you to using these little beauties all around your home! Using string lights to decorate brings style and light into your decor, for minimal … [Read more...]

Home Decor Ideas from Celebrities

We all love watching the celebs walk the red carpet in those gorgeous styles and wonderful fabrics. But did you know many celebs have great home decor style as well? Let's face it, great design taste can transcend through the style and fashion world, and many of them have the disposable income to experiment more than, say, the rest of us? ;) So we went onto Pinterest to find a few that have great … [Read more...]

6 Weeks of Holiday DIY : Week 5 – Holiday Mantel Ideas

Welcome to our 5th week of DYSS’s 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY! - Holiday Mantels! These ideas will work for a traditional fireplace mantel or any table top display space for holiday decorating, so don't feel limited if you don't even have a mantel in your home! If you have missed week 1-4, here they are so you can catch up! 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY : Week 1 – DIY Stocking Hangers 6 Weeks of … [Read more...]

6 Weeks of Holiday DIY : Week 4 – Creative Christmas Lights!

Welcome to our 4th week of DYSS’s 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY! - Creative Christmas Lights! If you missed any of our previous weeks, visit them here : 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY : Week 1 - DIY Stocking Hangers 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY : Week 2 - DIY Christmas Stockings 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY : Week 3 - DIY Christmas Ornaments Week 5 we will have DIY Christmas mantels, and for week 6, holiday … [Read more...]

6 Weeks of Holiday DIY : Week 3 – DIY Christmas Ornaments!

Welcome to our third week of DYSS’s 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY! If you missed week 1, DIY stocking hangers, or week 2, DIY stockings, check them out now! All 6 weeks are linked together so you will always be able to get to every project series, no matter which week you join us in. Next week, creative holiday lighting projects! Week 5 we will be bring you DIY holiday mantel and table top … [Read more...]

6 Weeks of Holiday DIY : Week 2 – DIY Christmas Stockings!

Welcome to our second week of DYSS’s 6 Weeks of Holiday DIY! Well if you joined us for last weeks' "week 1" of our 6 weeks of holiday diy, you already have your stocking hangers done! Ok, maybe at least you have them planned... If you missed it, you can check out  Week 1 - DIY Stocking Hangers. Just a FYI for those of you just joining us... our 6 week holiday diy projects will all link … [Read more...]

The New Neutrals!

When decorating a small home a really common bit of design advice includes decorating with neutrals in order to keep the space looking larger visually. While you gotta love what neutrals can do for a small room, they can get a little boring, especially if your idea of neutrals means beige, beige and more beige. In the last few years, designers have opened the way for a more adventurous use of the … [Read more...]

Brighten Up Your Bedroom with a Global Twist

It’s time to treat yourself to a new bedroom, but where do you begin? How about looking at things from a different perspective and taking inspiration from countries around the world as an interesting theme. Italian Suite If you want to combine exposed brickwork, woods and decadent interior designs, then an Italian room is the one for you. Think cherubs, Michael Angelo prints and lavish … [Read more...]

6 Shades of Gray! – Trendy Favorites

So if you have been around the home and garden blogs at all the past year or so, you have fast discovered that gray is the new beige... I say that carefully, because I actually was never a fan of "beige"... It was, for me, a boring color that gave no feeling to a room. So of course, I am thrilled that gray has become the new "it" color for neutral backdrops to almost any room. It has a sense of … [Read more...]

7 Tips on Decorating a Small Kitchen

Even though small kitchens are a challenge to decorate, storage and display areas are of prime importance. Here are a few home decorating ideas for decorating a small kitchen to make it both beautiful and efficient. Visually increase a small kitchen’s size with glass cabinet doors. Paint the insides of the cabinets the same color as the walls for a fashionable, well-designed update. Solid-door … [Read more...]

Top 6 Home Decorating Apps You Need Today!

We recently did a post for TGG on our picks for the top five gardening apps, and it was so popular we decided we would do one for decorating apps as well! Keep in mind, there are a crazy amount of apps out there, and many of them very good. These are our top decorating apps this week... :) Next week, who knows? However, if you know of a great app, please share with us in comments! Not only does it … [Read more...]

Tiny Bath Makeovers

Got a tiny bath? Chances are, it's ready for a makeover. Don't think there is much you can do to a small bathroom that will make it work for you? Ah, wrong again, my friends. These bloggers have taken their tiny baths and made them A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Follow along with their bathroom before and afters, and then plan a tiny bath makeover! You can do this! 'Decor and the Dog' showcases a master bath … [Read more...]

Decorating for Renters

Rental decorating is no easy task... you want to showcase your style just like everyone else, you just don't happen to own the digs you are doing up! Depending on your rental agreement, you may not even be allowed to hang wall art with nails! Every decor item in a rental home needs to leave no trace, and that can make it tough to keep up with the decorating trends, or even to just fill your rooms … [Read more...]

Kids Rooms: Shared Bedroom Solutions

Many of us who have a small home also have fewer bedrooms. This can often mean kids sharing bedroom space out of necessity. Other families choose for their kids to share a room based on family values. Whatever the reason, sharing bedrooms between kids can present some challenging decorating obstacles. How to find room for sleeping and playing? Keeping organized? Shared closet space? Individual … [Read more...]

How to Add Comfort, Not Clutter

Living in a small space can have it's issues, but having a comfortable home needn't be one of them. While it's true that adding comfortable touches to a small house or room can create a cluttered look if you aren't careful, I'm here to guide you to a home full of comfort, not clutter! Follow these guidelines (remember, I don't believe in "rules") and make your space comfy, relaxing and clutter … [Read more...]

Bring on the Stripes!

You see stripes everywhere nowadays, in homes, in fashion, even in blog design! Classic stripes, retro stripes, chevron stripes... What I love about decorating with stripes, is that while they add pattern and create movement, they also add structure and stability to a room. Stripes are one of those enigmas... they can simultaneously energize, and calm. So it's time to share a primer on decorating … [Read more...]

Stair Style – Makeover Your Stairs!

Stairs can be pretty boring. They are really necessary when you have more than one floor, but boring all the same. They cause so many design issues... how to hang photos on stairwells, how to deal with low light, what to do on landings, and how to stop the borefest that is your stairway. Well we have a solution to that last one. Add stair style! Use these DIY stair ideas to add color and interest … [Read more...]

How to Use Color in Small Space Decorating

The most common myth in decorating small spaces in your home is that you must use white on the walls. Nothing could be further from the truth! Here are some easy guidelines to using color in your small rooms or homes! It is true that lighter tints of your chosen color scheme on the larger surfaces of a room, such as your walls and floors, do help a room look larger and brighter. But this … [Read more...]

DIY Decorative Trays

Decorative trays are here to stay, and I love 'em. West Elm trays in five different colors are on my Christmas list! Why are they so cool? They update any table arrangement by pulling it all together, and can be used from the office to the bathroom. If you are looking for help in learning to style your accessories, a tray will wrap it all up for you. And let's face it, who doesn't want a pretty … [Read more...]

Small Bathroom? Great Ideas!

If you have a small home like me, chances are you also have a small bathroom. Or two. I think we forget to make our bathroom special. It should be a place that makes us feel good, and also a place where we can stretch our creativity muscle. After all, you don't spend hours a day in there, so take a few creative risks in the bath is a good thing. So here are some quick small bathroom decorating … [Read more...]

Small Porch Decorating Ideas

If you have a small porch, deck, or balcony...welcome to the club. My front porch is literally 6 feet by 6 feet... but I'm determined to make it a welcoming space. And you can make your small porch wonderful too, with these small porch decorating ideas and design tips... Not to mention the inspirational photos! So create another room and find a way to use your small outdoor space to enjoy...well, … [Read more...]