Today’s New Cottage Style

Cottage style decorating has always been a relaxed, casual way to decorate a home, originally meant to  dress up a beach or vacation house. But it's charm and bright fresh feeling has made it a popular decorating style for any home over the years, in part thanks to the shabby chic movement of the '90's. But today's cottage style is a touch more refined, though equally pretty and made for families. … [Read more...]

Cottage Style Decorating: A-Z Tips to Organize Your Cottage

Always buy enough pretty containers to house your possessions. Baskets of all shapes and sizes help containerize clutter all through the house. Clutter can also be contained using decorative containers such as pitchers, mugs, and urns. Determine whether or not you really need something or just want it. Examine your rooms through the eyes of a home buyer. If your home looks too … [Read more...]