DIY Black & White Home Decor Projects

Adding black & white as a color combo to any room adds a punch of contrast and interest without interfering with your color scheme. It can liven up a neutral room, or tone down a colorful one. Both modern and elegant, black & white is a designer secret to rooms that command attention without being overly formal. Use black & white in an unexpected space, such as a baby's room or the … [Read more...]

DIY Projects for a Bright and Cheery Home

I love all things bright and cheery. Let's face it, surrounding ourselves with happy and colorful things is kinda infectious, isn't it? It's hard to be in a grumpy mood when your own home is practically yelling at you to pull it together and smile! So today's post is dedicated to all things decorating that make us smile. Our feature post above, is an inspirational dining room from 'Sanna and … [Read more...]

The New Neutrals!

When decorating a small home a really common bit of design advice includes decorating with neutrals in order to keep the space looking larger visually. While you gotta love what neutrals can do for a small room, they can get a little boring, especially if your idea of neutrals means beige, beige and more beige. In the last few years, designers have opened the way for a more adventurous use of the … [Read more...]

6 Shades of Gray! – Trendy Favorites

So if you have been around the home and garden blogs at all the past year or so, you have fast discovered that gray is the new beige... I say that carefully, because I actually was never a fan of "beige"... It was, for me, a boring color that gave no feeling to a room. So of course, I am thrilled that gray has become the new "it" color for neutral backdrops to almost any room. It has a sense of … [Read more...]

Bring on the Stripes!

You see stripes everywhere nowadays, in homes, in fashion, even in blog design! Classic stripes, retro stripes, chevron stripes... What I love about decorating with stripes, is that while they add pattern and create movement, they also add structure and stability to a room. Stripes are one of those enigmas... they can simultaneously energize, and calm. So it's time to share a primer on decorating … [Read more...]

How to Use Color in Small Space Decorating

The most common myth in decorating small spaces in your home is that you must use white on the walls. Nothing could be further from the truth! Here are some easy guidelines to using color in your small rooms or homes! It is true that lighter tints of your chosen color scheme on the larger surfaces of a room, such as your walls and floors, do help a room look larger and brighter. But this … [Read more...]

Decorating with Colored Glass

I've always LOVED colored glass. I find it beautiful and ethereal. It catches and reflects the light, it adds subtle color, and for small homes, is the perfect accent as it doesn't take up a lot of visual weight. What do I mean by visual weight? Well a colored glass vase and a dark metal vase of the same size are going to be perceived differently by the eye. The metal vase will seem to take up … [Read more...]

Got the “Blues”?

We all know that blues as a palette for a room design is not a new concept. It is, however, one of the most popular and trendy color palettes this year. In fact, Benjamin Moore's 2014 color of the year is "Breath of Fresh Air", a soft, ethereal blue that makes you feel just like that! I think that is one of the reasons the blues and grays have become so popular...they make us feel calm, relaxed … [Read more...]

Fabric Painting Projects

Creating custom looks in your home decorating gets easier when you take on a fabric painting project. You don't have to be an artist to create a one of a kind pattern, print or art piece, and it's inexpensive as well as creative! Follow along as we showcase some great bloggers' DIY fabric painting projects. You probably have the materials at home right now to create a quick craft or decor item... … [Read more...]

Colors on Trend – What’s Hot for 2014

Color trends in home decorating change from year to year, and sometimes it seems daunting to keep up! The colors being used in the fashion industry also influence home design, and the most respected opinion is that of color authority Pantone. If you missed our post on the 2014 color of the year, Radiant Orchid, check it out now and find out how to use the hottest hue in the newest way! But if you … [Read more...]

Decorating with White!

One of the most common tricks to decorating a small space is to use lot's of white. But isn't a white space kind of boring and cold? Nope... and here's how to decorate with white, right! Realize all whites are not the same. While it's fine to combine whites, make sure they are on the same temperature scale... in other words, yellow based whites are warm, blue based whites are cool. White … [Read more...]

2014 Color of the Year – Ready for Radiant?

So this year Pantone (THE authority on anything related to color...clothes, cosmetics, home design...) has crowned Radiant Orchid as it's 2014 color of the year. Crowned may be a bit of a played on words, because when it comes to color, purples are seen as "regal". Radiant Orchid, however, has a twist to it I really kinda love. It's warm and friendly, yet elegant and distinguished. A little … [Read more...]

5 Ways Small Items Can Pack a Big Punch!

Sometimes the best home decor comes in the smallest packages! Home decorating isn’t always about large pieces of furniture and expensive things. In small homes, details do make a difference. Here are some fantastic decor ideas for using details in your decorating to make big impact in any small room.   Use Flowers Flowers don’t have to be expensive; you can pick up a bunch at the … [Read more...]

Small Room Makeover: Pops of Color!

When decorating a small room, most of us tend to stay with neutrals and light colors to expand the space visually. It's a good concept, and it works, except at times it can seem a little stagnant...and yes, I'm gonna say it... B O R I N G. Adding pops of color to your home decorating can add updated style and wow to any room, without closing it in. In fact, if you aren't adding either color or … [Read more...]

Finding A Color Scheme

If you feel helpless when it comes to picking and blending colors, your answer could be as far away as your nearest pillow. Here is a quick, low cost way to create a color scheme all you have to do is remember PICK - SEE -LMD. PICK a Pattern: Starting with a pattern is the easiest way to create a color palette for your decor. Choose a pattern from any object you already have and love such as a … [Read more...]