Small Space Style: Budget Decorating for a Small Home

Having recently downsized to a house half the size of my previous one, I know a bit about decorating a small home! As an interior decorator, having my home present itself as a showcase for my personal style is important to me. Here are some of the best ways to add small space style to any home decorating project! Don’t look at having a small home as a handicap. Not having a large space to plan … [Read more...]

Small Space Storage on a Budget: Collections

One of the biggest problems for people when "small space decorating" is storage. Even for collectors it can easily become a problem, no matter what size space they are working with. I try to do two things with collections: 1. Use them in "new" ways to create storage 2. Store them in new ways to be able to use them as decorative accents AND for their original use. Here are some things I … [Read more...]

Save Big Bucks on Home Decorating

More people decorate their homes during the fall and winter months than at any other time of the year, and with good reason! We spend more time indoors, we owe it to ourselves and our families to create a comfortable place to be. Here are the best ways to save BIG bucks on your home decorating Start with a plan. I know you’ve heard this before, but having a plan doesn’t necessarily mean you … [Read more...]

Love Your Small Kitchen (For Less Than $10!)

Those of us with small kitchens AND small budgets know it can be tough to decorate. These small kitchen decorating ideas for less than $10 (many are free!) will have you on your way to a stylish space in no time. You may even start to like cooking! Display your utensils in a creative way...try using an antique bucket, pretty pitcher or even a basket. Hang your favorite stir fry wok on … [Read more...]

$5 Shoe Rack – Priceless Organization in the Kitchen

There never seems to be enough room in the kitchen and don't we all have at least one junk drawer in the house? If you suffer from, "Don't know what to do with the grocery bags" syndrome, the perfect solution is about to present itself. Next time you are hitting up the local discount retail store, check out the home organization aisle and look at the over-the-door shoe racks. You will find shoe … [Read more...]

Make Your Room Feel Bigger Without Spending a Dime

Skeptics might say making the Statue of Liberty exchange places with the Great Wall of China would be easier, but here are six ways you can actually enlarge your room without spending anything. Tip 1. Realize that everything that you can see is yours to use. If your house is in the Big Sur, the vast ocean as far as you can see is yours to enjoy. It'd be such a big waste if you have a solid, … [Read more...]

Organize For Creativity – On A Budget!

OK, well, I know organization isn't really decorating, now is it? But, let's face it, what good is all the effort to create a nice home when it's hidden behind the mess and the clutter? So in order to help us all prevail over the chaos, here are some great hints for putting everything in its place! (On a budget, of course!) The number one way to reduce clutter and mess? Deal with things as they … [Read more...]

Decorating Apartments on a Budget

When you rent an apartment, you sometimes inherit other people's problems. There could be holes in the wall or stains on the carpet, but since you're renting you're not usually allowed to make any major decorating or home improvement decisions, you have to get creative with decorating decisions. And you wouldn't want to make the monetary investment either of course, since you don't own the … [Read more...]

Creative and Cheap Storage Ideas

Living in a small home can cause many issues, but storage has to rate among the top. Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to store common items in your small space! Hang large fabric laundry bags on simple pegboards to provide easy storage in kids rooms. You can even personalize them by ironing letters onto the bags to spell out the child’s name.   Creating a pot rack to … [Read more...]

Closet Organizing On The Cheap

You've probably seen those expensive closet organizing systems that make your closet better organized than your kitchen. These are wonderful products if you are looking for top-of-the-line, but if you want the same results...organizing your closet effectively...but don't want to spend a lot, read on. Closet organizing on the cheap means you are willing to spend time and creativity in exchange … [Read more...]

Big Decorating Ideas for Small Rooms on a Tight Budget!

Decorating a small room is one of the biggest challenges many families have in their homes today. Making a small room work for your loved ones can be frustrating and confusing. Here are some great low budget ways to simply transform your small rooms no matter what your budget! 1. First of all, determine if making your room look larger is really the way to go. After all, what's so great about … [Read more...]