DIY Spa Tub Caddies

If you have a bathtub, we have got the perfect project for you! These DIY spa tub bath caddies will make your evening soak an experience, and they look good enough to be decor, as well! Don't lie people, who wouldn't want a place to set a book, a glass of wine, some bubble bath and a few dark chocolates, all while taking a soothing "spa inspired" bath? Consider. This. Done. Our featured … [Read more...]

10 Quick Bathroom Repairs for the DIYer

Nothing is more annoying than having something broken in the bathroom. After all, this is where you get ready for your day, bathe your kids, or relax at the end of a long week. Oh yea, and having to call in a repair person can be expensive! The good news is that you can DIY a lot of bathroom repairs. Ok, I'm not suggesting you replace a toilet, or install a new ventilation fan here. But the every … [Read more...]

Tiny Bath Makeovers

Got a tiny bath? Chances are, it's ready for a makeover. Don't think there is much you can do to a small bathroom that will make it work for you? Ah, wrong again, my friends. These bloggers have taken their tiny baths and made them A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Follow along with their bathroom before and afters, and then plan a tiny bath makeover! You can do this! 'Decor and the Dog' showcases a master bath … [Read more...]

Bathroom Storage Ideas For Small Bathrooms

One of the smallest rooms in our homes is usually our bathrooms. Finding space to store the "stuff" we want and need in a bathroom can be a challenge.The following ideas may be useful to you for bathroom storage: 1. Repurpose stuff - I use an umbrella stand in my bathroom to hold toilet paper, a plant stand to hold shampoos and bath stuff, and a pedestal fruit bowl to hold washcloths. 2. … [Read more...]

Small Bathroom? Great Ideas!

If you have a small home like me, chances are you also have a small bathroom. Or two. I think we forget to make our bathroom special. It should be a place that makes us feel good, and also a place where we can stretch our creativity muscle. After all, you don't spend hours a day in there, so take a few creative risks in the bath is a good thing. So here are some quick small bathroom decorating … [Read more...]

DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

Let's face it, ladies love their makeup! Nothing clutters up a bathroom faster, however. We all need some creative makeup storage ideas, because no matter how big or small your bathroom is, no one wants it strewn everywhere! So put away the pocketbook, and use your space more wisely with these DIY makeup storage ideas! Our featured project, above, is from Liz Marie Blog. She created this Mason Jar … [Read more...]

Re-Purposed Bathroom Storage Solutions!

Storage is at a premium in any small home, but it does double duty when it looks great, and triple duty when it is re-purposed! Who wants boring plastic bins when you can create unique bathroom storage with charm. Here are some great ideas for any of you yearning for places to put things in the bath. Use a pallet as a towel rack (featured photo above), topped with wood crates for extra storage as … [Read more...]

DIY Bathroom Towel Storage: 7 Creative Ideas

We love this ladder towel rack from Funky Junk Interiors, in our featured photo above! Small bathrooms all have one thing in common...they all need more storage. Chances are, any cabinet space you do have could be better utilized storing personal items. There are creative ways to store your bathroom towels that are stylish, affordable and convenient in a small bath. Here are seven easy DIY … [Read more...]

How to Decorate a Small Bathroom

Decorating a small bathroom isn’t just a problem that apartment dwellers deal with, homeowners and renters alike can have this issue. Since this is a high use room, decorating a small bathroom needs to take into account function and not just appearance. Here are some top tips on how to decorate a small bathroom! *Create both decoration and functionality by making your storage solutions as … [Read more...]

Bathroom Stretching Ideas: For People Big on Families

"It's weird," I thought. "We have ten people in two bathrooms at home. At the beach we often have 20 people using one bathroom. Why is it that half the number of bathrooms for double the usage goes more smoothly? It seems like it should be terribly clogged." Pun intended of course. Over the years I pondered this situation and saw over and again that it is true; one bathroom at the beach works … [Read more...]