Decorating for Renters

Rental decorating is no easy task... you want to showcase your style just like everyone else, you just don't happen to own the digs you are doing up! Depending on your rental agreement, you may not even be allowed to hang wall art with nails! Every decor item in a rental home needs to leave no trace, and that can make it tough to keep up with the decorating trends, or even to just fill your rooms … [Read more...]

8 Tips for Decorating Your Apartment

Here are some easy tips to decorate your apartment home. Taking a few moments to think about your home will help you fully enjoy it. Think about your home, and answer these questions: 1. What do you want it to be? If you want your home to be a tranquil oasis in a busy world, are your colors soothing or do they shout? If you want a fun place for friends to gather, do you have plenty of … [Read more...]

How To Decorate Your Apartment

Being a born decorator in a rented apartment is frustrating at best. Depending on your lease and landlord's restrictions, you may not be able to install shelving, change flooring or have fun with new tiles. In addition to your rental restrictions, you may simply not want to invest time and money into a property that isn't yours. For projects and decorating ideas you can take on in a rental … [Read more...]

Decorating Apartments on a Budget

When you rent an apartment, you sometimes inherit other people's problems. There could be holes in the wall or stains on the carpet, but since you're renting you're not usually allowed to make any major decorating or home improvement decisions, you have to get creative with decorating decisions. And you wouldn't want to make the monetary investment either of course, since you don't own the … [Read more...]