Stair Style – Makeover Your Stairs!


Stairs can be pretty boring. They are really necessary when you have more than one floor, but boring all the same. They cause so many design issues… how to hang photos on stairwells, how to deal with low light, what to do on landings, and how to stop the borefest that is your stairway. Well we have a solution to that last one. Add stair style! Use these DIY stair ideas to add color and interest to that pass through space. Trust me, borefest, over. Our featured project (above), is from one of our fav bloggers, Donna at Funky Junk. These painted wood crate stair steps are a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Jump on over and find out how she did this! This would look great in a home with some vintage style, industrial tastes, or a “funky” space with loads of personality!

These hand painted book spine steps by Sascha Fink on Pinterest are, as she puts it, proof that anyone can do a DIY project! I wish I could find a tutorial or template for these, but so far no luck! If anyone knows a good how-to, please share it in comments.



Southern Hospitality has a great tutorial on how to install a carpet runner on your stairs. Pretty easy, and really changes the look and feel of a stairwell.



These numbered stairs from ‘Lover Mother’ are easy with a little paint and stick on vinyl numbers.



‘I Am Pascal’ used colored and pattered adhesive tape to create these one of a kind DIY stairs.



‘Painted Therapy’ shows you how to paint your stairs, complete with this cool stripe! You will never guess what “tool” they used to pull this off…



Gotta love these wallpapered stair risers from ‘Lonny’… They have a simple tutorial on how to get this done right. I like how they used black and white…adds graphic punch, but doesn’t limit the color choices in the adjoining rooms.



Lovely Crafty Home found this textured wallpaper at Lowes, and decided to use it on her stair risers. It looks like she doesn’t have a tutorial at first, but that’s because this is so simple…read the first paragraph, and you will know what to do!




More wallpapered stairs from ‘Serena and Lily’. No Tutorial, just inspiring. Follow the instructions in the wallpaper projects above.

Stair Style - Makeover Your Stairs!


Create these stamped stairs from Martha with a purchased stamp and latex or craft paint. Easy afternoon project!



Finally, this last idea is from Etsy shop Village Vine Press. You can order these for a very reasonable price for those of you who don’t want to go through the DIY of creating your own with vinyl letters or paint.


Image Credits: Serena and Lily, Funky Junk Interiors, Pinterest, Southern Hospitality, Lover Mother, I Am Pascal, Painted Therapy, Lonny/Patrick Cline, Lovely Crafty Home, Martha, Village Vine Press


  1. I’m the person who created the second set of steps (from pinterest). Contact me for the instructions.

  2. Hi! The black and white staircase is actually stenciled, not wallpapered, using a multitude of our stencil designs. Wallpaper is not good quality, shows wear and tear, and ruins the surface it adheres to. Stencils are the way to go :)

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    I have been looking for info on stair runners. Really like the one you used. Could you send me info on where to find that design? Did you bind the runner or have it done somewhere, if so, where would someone get a runner bound? Any help would be appreciated.

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