How to Make a DIY Kitchen Island

How to make a DIY kitchen Island

Small kitchens are all in need of two things: more storage, and more prep space. A kitchen island gives you both, and you can make a DIY kitchen island from re-purposed and up-cycled elements, without spending a lot of cash. Here are the basic instructions, and some inspiration for customizing your kitchen island.

Basic Tutorial

A kitchen island is nothing more than another sturdy kitchen surface, so all you need is a base, a top, and some options.

Step One: Find a sturdy base such as an old desk, two dressers back to back, or even sturdy wire shelving placed on its side. Make sure the base is just a couple inches shorter than the height you wish your work surface to be. The average height for a work counter is 30-34 inches.

Step Two: Create a top for your island. Depending on what you will be using the prep area for, decide if you need a cutting surface or simply a work area. Cutting surfaces should be made of wood. Other surface ideas are metal, laminate and stone. Home improvement stores sell these pre-cut.

Step Three: Attach your top to the base with construction adhesive or silicon caulk adhesive, or another method that will create an unmovable surface. You want your surface to be secure to prevent accidents while cutting or prepping food.

Step Four: Add options. Caster wheels can be easily added to create a portable island, which can be pretty useful in a small space. Simple shelving under the top can add much needed storage, and hooks and towel racks placed along the back side can hang kitchen necessities. If you like, create a pot rack to hang above your island. See our article on How to Make a Pot Rack.

There are the basics! You can obviously alter these simple instructions to match your materials and situation. Try one of these inspirational ideas for a unique and creative DIY kitchen island!

Here is an up-cycled dresser turned kitchen island by our friends at RemodelAholic, with their complete tutorial.

How to make a DIY kitchen Island


And another dresser redo by BHG…

How to make a DIY kitchen Island


Love this kitchen island that could be created from old windows and dresser drawers. This could be a really creative project for an intermediate DIY’er!

How to make a DIY kitchen Island


More pallet love? I LOVE the warmth of this island made from pallets…so cool!

How to make a DIY kitchen Island


How to make a DIY kitchen Island


Can’t beat an old door for a kitchen island and bar! Of course, you won’t be able to cut on this surface… but breakfast would be fun!

How to make a DIY kitchen Island

Have an inspirational idea for a kitchen island? What is it?

Image Credits: coachbarn, designingdomesticity, remodelaholic, BHG, thepoorporker, yourwhoiam

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