DIY TV Frame: Disguise that Flat Screen!

diy tv frames

Most of us have faced the dilemma of what to do about the all important TV when we are decorating our home. It’s not an easy thing to get past as a designer… some designers won’t even allow them in their design unless they are fully enclosed and hidden! We know you and your family live in the real world, however… and if you are like me, you want to have easy access to your TV, or have it available for the kids without some big production. Oh, and did I mention those “cabinets” that can fit a large flat screen TV’s are expensive? At our recent city wide Parade of Homes, several builders were utilizing a great idea to frame in your flat screen, and it can be done DIY!

diy tv frame

diy tv frame


Our friends at Remodelaholic have a great tutorial for you. (see photo below) This takes just simple power tools and basic carpentry skills…. They chose re-purposed wood for theirs, and we love this! This look would look great in almost any style home, from industrial chic to Pottery Barn traditional. Feel free to choose whatever framing material fits your style and budget. Check out their DIY TV Frame Tutorial.

diy tv frame


And another great tutorial here from tommy & ellie on how to build this custom TV frame. (photo below)

diy tv frame


Here are more ideas.

diy tv frame

diy tv frame

diy tv frame


And if building a frame isn’t in your skill set, we have some more great ideas for disguising the TV!

Disguise TV

This is a great example of turning the TV into art! Notice how the color of the frame around the TV ties in with the other artwork?

TV as Art

Media Room

TV as art

Image Credits: aspenmill, remodelaholic, tommyandellie, framemytv, rona, bringingartbacktointeriors, Real Living Magazine, One Kings Lane, BHG

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  1. Where are all the cords and cables at to the tv in these posts?

  2. CookieLu1999 says:

    These are beautufil, but obviously not video systems belonging to videophiles for whom the goal is to remove any distraction from the viewing experience. My flat panel tv sits in front of a very dark purple wall w/ no visual ‘noise’ around it for an undisturbed viewing experience – when the lights are out and the feature is playing you only see the tv! I’m sure the two seemingly divergent focuses could come together by using dark-hued artistic notes.

  3. Gene Flematti says:

    I would like to hide a 55″ flat panel TV within a picture frame located in our Living Room. To cover the TV screen when not in use I was thinking of putting a canvas painting or print over the screen within the frame. When I wanted to use the T V the canvas picture would roll up into the frame leaving the T V screen for all to see. When not in use the picture would roll down and cover the screen thus keeping the ambiance of the living room in tact. Are their such products that could accomplish this concept?

  4. How about some ideas for double brick homes especially hiding all the cables.
    Maybe an idea for the teens in the house who also use the main tv to view and play games.
    Consoles everywhere and leads.

  5. Very nice looking but I hate to be the Debby downer that reminds people there is a reason why TVs aren’t sold this way. They need ventilation! Mounting your TV in such a way risks overheating the television and probably will cut short the life span of your TV if nothing else. LED TVs seems to emit less heat than LCDs, but still. Doing this may even void your manufacturer’s warranty, I suspect.

    • Kathy Woodard says:

      A lot of the tutorials talk about how to add ventilation – cutting holes etc…. Also, as you said, Most of the newer TV’s are LED which are much better for this sort of installation.

    • You are 100% wrong. Your t.v. will not overheat due to a frame. The frames are not air tight as well as the fact that flat panel t.v.’s don’t emit enough heat to over heat. Not to mention some of these frames don’t enclose the screen at all.

  6. I agree with Brit, I’d be afraid of my TV overheating. A few holes here and there probably won’t do it.

  7. Some of these are “cute” but um…NO! A TV is supposed to be a TV. I have seen many beautiful living rooms that have there TV on an entertainment center or mounted on a wall without a frame. A frame for a TV? Are you kidding me? Hahaha…well….hahahaha! I just can’t. I just cannot comment anymore.

  8. My TV have buttons on the side for volume, channel, ect. I love this idea but how would I access those controls if I frame it in?

  9. Buffalo Gal 89 says:

    I love the idea of being able to sort of hide the TV, but I don’t think this would work for our set up. We have all sorts of cables and wires running from the TV to the receiver, a computer tower, an Xbox, a stereo, and the surround sound. Maybe someday, but We’re also thinking of upgrading to a projector and nixing the TV altogether.

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