Creative Repurposed Storage Ideas

creative repurposed storage ideas

Let’s face it. We are all looking for creative storage solutions in every room in our home! Storage doesn’t need to be boring or expensive. Here are nine great ways to upcycle terrific finds into one of a kind home storage. And did we mention? Upcycling is a great way to keep great stuff out of the landfills, helping the earth as well as your home!

  • Old dresser drawers can be hung on the wall in a bathroom to store toiletries and rolled towels. Also great for under bed storage, just add caster wheels. They are sturdy enough to store out of season items, shoes, toys or even books.

repurposed storage ideas


  • Metal grates or sections of fencing can be found at home surplus stores or architectural salvage, and make incredible pot racks. How about an old wooden ladder? A cool retro sled? Make sure you properly anchor them to the ceiling or wall with lengths of heavy duty chain, as they are quite heavy. Add “s” hooks to hang pots and utensils.

repurposed storage ideas


  •  Attach legs to an old suitcase and make a unique entry table with built in storage. Conversation piece and utility in one!

repurposed storage ideas


  • Two wooden dressers placed back to back and topped with a counter material makes a great center kitchen island, with tons of storage built right in the drawers. Check out a local stone and tile shop for scrap pieces of granite that might fit your needs at a discounted price.

repurposed storage ideas


  • Wall mounted mail organizers repurposed from old metal grates.

repurposed storage ideas


  • Add wheels to old wooden milk crates for cottage cute toy boxes.

repurposed storage ideas


  • Boys room ideas? How about a used, upright metal tool box as a dresser? Or using a thrift shop skateboard as shelving? Check out BeingBrook’s tutorial.

repurposed storage ideas


  • An old garden rake gets repurposed as wonderful jewelry organizer.

repurposed storage ideas


  • Attach four wooden crates together to create a one of a kind coffee table. Make sure the crates lay on their sides with the opening facing out to provide built in storage. Add casters or top with glass. See the complete tutorial over at Landing On Love.

repurposed storage ideas


Home organizing can be just another element of your small home decorating if you use a little creative ingenuity!

Image Credits: cozycottagecute, furnishburnish, BHG, dishfunctionaldesigns, dingaling, apartmenttherapy, beingbrook, twighome


  1. Lisa Muro says:

    Seems barbaric to “ruin” an old suitcase or trunk by “attaching” legs to it. Better to find a battered old table just the right size and use some rubber bar mat to keep it from sliding. Looking at the photo, if someone bumped into it, the whole thing would topple anyway. And maybe break off at the juncture of the the leg and suitcase.

  2. Megan Peterson 4 The Home Depot says:

    What a great project! I’ve added a link to one of our pinboards. Check them out at

  3. “Barbaric” is a bit strong…come on! These are all really cute ideas!!!

    • Shirley Blair says:

      Come on now, “barbaric” is not appropriate. We all have different tastes. Think you may be overacting a bit.

  4. Love all of the above! My favorite would be the wooden milk crate on wheels <3

  5. Crafty People are so SMART!!! I love these ideas- thanks a lot!

  6. I loved the crate coffee table idea. I have them lying around, and I need a coffee table. Hmmmmm…

  7. Janet Skinner says:

    Love all of these ideas. Thanx for sharing !!!

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