Craft Storage Ideas for Small Spaces


If you are a DIY’er, chances are pretty good you’re a crafter too. It doesn’t take many craft supplies before your home can feel cluttered and supplies are lost. I know having a small home can make it even worse…especially if you can’t have an entire room devoted to your crafts. I know I can’t! I personally use the bin system, with clear bins on shelving. (In my laundry room, BTW!) But after checking out these clever and cool craft storage ideas, I know some changes are a comin’! Corral some of your craft clutter, with these great tips!

Our feature project above, is from Steph at ‘Crafting in the Rain’… She used an old shutter and twisted heavy duty paper clips to create washi tape storage… What else could you use this pretty repurposed idea for?

Start with the basics of creating a room when you have none… Using a closet! This closet craft storage by ‘BHG’ shows us clever ways to use an underused space for creativity. Love the pegboard on the back of the door, and the rolling cart you can move out to where you are creating. Oh, and they painted it pretty pink inside!



Can’t give up an entire closet? Me too! Cassie from ‘Hi Sugarplum‘ via ‘I Heart Organizing‘ installed door racks from The Container Store onto the back of her coat closet… Coats still neatly hung, craft supplies out of site! Genius!



Ok, inside the closet idea… Use hanging storage bags right in the closet! Idea from ‘Babble‘…



If you have an unused corner of the laundry space or garage, learn to make this giant pegboard storage system by ‘Ginger Snap Crafts’. This is full tutorial, and includes some more great craft storage ideas as well, so check out her post!

Craft Storage Ideas for Small Spaces


From ‘Kattiz Scrapp‘, this paint storage idea is pretty and self explanatory! (Good thing, since I think the site is in Dutch!) Attach self stick velcro squares to a pretty picture frame, and then to paint bottles. Attach and hang! You could do this with glue, paint, glitter… anything with a bottle and not too heavy! Great space saver!



Lauren at ‘The Thinking Closet‘ files her fabric! Ok, there was a time when my kids were little I had a LOT of fabric laying around… usually in plastic bags. This is so smart! And it also keeps it clean, neat and can be arranged by color.



Trish at ‘Uncommon Designs’ gives us a craft room tour, and you can get so many good ideas! This photo of her storage system include a simple bookcase and desk that take up little space. The desk even has a fabric skirt to hide anything large you may need to tuck under… a sewing machine, perhaps? I love the chalkboard labels on the storage boxes…



Heidi at ‘Honeybear Lane’ has another craft pegboard tutorial, but what I found really clever was using these dowels on tiny cup hooks for basically anything with a hole through it! Definitely check out the post and get some great ideas!



Want to go a step further and create your own craft space? Lina at ‘Fancy Frugal Life’ made this old headboard into a craft nook! This tutorial is packed full of inexpensive, smart craft storage ideas. This. Is. Genius!


Has this inspired you to organize your craft supplies? Do you have a tried and true storage idea? Share in comments!

Image Credits: Crafting in the Rain, BHG, Hi Sugarplum, Babble, Ginger Snap Crafts, Kattiz Scrapp, The Thinking Closet, Uncommon Designs, Honeybear Lane, Fancy Frugal Life



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  1. The peg board is an awesome idea! I actually find that sticky velcro is surprisingly effective!

  2. OrganizationChallengedATHome says:

    Nice. I’ve found the mecca, the motherland!!! I really need help in this area.

  3. Lots of great ideas here!

  4. Love, love , love these ideas but does anyone know where to get pegboard as my local diy stores don’t stock it

  5. tried the velcro idea for paint, the didn’t stay, kept falling off, guess I’ll try something else

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