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DIY Floors

Do It Yourself Floors…

Next to your walls, the floor covers more square footage than any other place in … Read More

Craft Storage Ideas

Craft Storage Ideas for Small Spaces…

If you are a DIY'er, chances are pretty good you're a crafter too. It doesn't … Read More

7 Steps to an Organized Fridge

7 Steps to an Organized Fridge…

Ok, so there is something you should know about me and organizing. I love to be … Read More

Easy DIY Remodel Projects

Easy DIY Remodel Projects…

When you think "remodel", no doubt you think months of dust and headache, and … Read More

Awesome Attic Transformations

7 Awesome Attic Transformations…

When you have a small home, you look for every crack and crevice to create more … Read More

DIY Rustic Headboards

DIY Rustic Headboards…

So "rustic" rhymes with "romantic"... ok, not really, but it should because they … Read More

Clever Ideas to Decorate Your Hallway

Clever Ways to Decorate Your Hallway…

The hallway is way too often ignored when decorating... it is a space that is … Read More


Dreamy Canopy Bed Projects…

One of the first memories I have of a decorating "want" was a canopy bed. I was … Read More

organizing your home

Organizing Your Home: Making the Best Use of Every…

Organizing your home isn't just about picking up the clutter, and naming a sock … Read More

DIY Countertop Projects

DIY Countertop Projects…

Want a quick way to update a kitchen or a bathroom? Update those old … Read More

Decorating with Branches

Branch Out! Decorating with Branches…

I love including nature in my decor, and I'm always looking for unique … Read More

DIY Area Rugs

Step On It! DIY Area Rugs, That Is……

It seems like area rugs get kinda ignored in the DIY world... There was a day … Read More