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Creative Projects with Burlap

10 Creative Projects with Burlap…

A few years ago, burlap went from being a utilitarian supply most people had … Read More

Stone and Brick Accent Wall Projects

Stone and Brick Accent Wall Projects…

Have a wall in your home that makes you snooze? Sometimes we want a little more … Read More

DIY Sconce Lights

DIY Sconce Lights…

Everyone remembers task and general lighting in their rooms... After all, it … Read More

Garage Makeover Projects 4

Garage Makeover Projects…

When you live in a small house, sometimes the garage is your only source of good … Read More

DIY Floors

Do It Yourself Floors…

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Craft Storage Ideas

Craft Storage Ideas for Small Spaces…

If you are a DIY'er, chances are pretty good you're a crafter too. It doesn't … Read More

7 Steps to an Organized Fridge

7 Steps to an Organized Fridge…

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Easy DIY Remodel Projects

Easy DIY Remodel Projects…

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Awesome Attic Transformations

7 Awesome Attic Transformations…

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DIY Rustic Headboards

DIY Rustic Headboards…

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Clever Ideas to Decorate Your Hallway

Clever Ways to Decorate Your Hallway…

The hallway is way too often ignored when decorating... it is a space that is … Read More


Dreamy Canopy Bed Projects…

One of the first memories I have of a decorating "want" was a canopy bed. I was … Read More